When you are a creator and have to figure out a way to earn through your creations, the internet comes into play. But when you have to expand further through your subscribers and content, Patreon membership comes into play.

You might have heard of Patreon somewhere. That is a platform where creators of anything would go to share more of their content.

Patreon membership
Patreon Membership Adds To The Joy Of Creation 4

Creators can showcase their extra work on the other platforms where their work is primarily available. But when you have an option to showcase it separately for those selective subscribers who are willing to dive deep into your work, you choose that.

That is exactly what Patreon helps with. If you are a creator, for example, on youtube, you will have a certain amount of people subscribed to you. Among this group of people, there will be those who eagerly await the upload of your content.

So for their support, you might want to reward them with extra content that is reserved just for them. To do this task it is easier to own a Patreon membership.

On Patreon, you will be able to upload content that is exclusively for those people who have paid for the service. You can also customize it in a way that the funding the creator receives is based on when the new content is uploaded.

Patreon has a sense of the different budget levels the users can afford, so they have provided levels of subscription services on the platform. That would include Lite, Pro, and Premium.

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With extra content to enjoy, it becomes an additional source of entertainment for the people and a monthly income source for the content creators.

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is the real deal if you talk about how it works. The income the creator receives is derived directly from a fan's payment for access to the creator's material. There are conditions and third parties that profit from this content. The creator, on the other hand, receives very little compared to them.

That has to be changed and the creator of Patreon has found a way to remove the money-sucking third party profits. By doing that, the subscribers can expect their creators to work on the content they genuinely love and enjoy, without any conditions.

Patreon membership
Patreon Membership Adds To The Joy Of Creation 5

That would make the revenue that comes in because of the loyal followers to be 100% handed over to the user/creator.

One might wonder how those would benefit the people at Patreon. Well, they have made sure that they get comparatively least amounts to the creators. That is done by taking 5% - 12% of the revenue of each creator. This will entirely depend on the plan you choose.

Doing the same thing and earning from thousands of individuals who register for a spare and consistent space for the content they love to thrive is something much more profitable.

That also could be used as a platform for those special subscribers who have been consistent. The creators can release special content for them as a thank you for their support. Through these, the creators will be able to charge them as well and gain revenue.

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Patreon membership will only be suitable for creators who already have a set amount of followers. This is because the site would hardly help you in finding new ones. If you have a good enough following and are looking to boost your content, Patreon is the space to use.

But in case you lack that, there are ways you can gain more organic and targeted followers, along with likes and comments.

Patreon membership details

Coming to how you can start your journey with Patreon, it is simple. Like any other site, you have to firstly register on it. Signing up on the site by filling in your basic details will help.

The next step is to answer the questions. These will be based on figuring out what kind of content you create. After which you can choose the currency. This will be the same that your patrons will see when they visit your page to see the content.

After this step, comes the set-up of your profile. This will include for you to upload a good quality profile picture and a cover picture. Adding your social media details to this page will connect everything to this profile.

It is also important to write something about yourself as well as the kind of content you make. This gives the viewers a sense of who they are following and why they are on Patreon as active users.

Patreon offers different tiers or plans that the users can offer their patrons to choose and subscribe from. This will selectively let the users onto content that they can afford, thus providing the creators with the money that the fans can afford to pay per month.

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  • Lite plan will give Patreon 5% of the revenue that you make.
  • The pro plan it offers has additional features like workshops, analytics, unlimited app integration, priority customer support etc. With these, Patreon deducts a total of 8% from the revenue.
  • Pro plan with a merch option lets you have merchandise for the patrons on your site. Here the commission becomes a total of 11%.
  • Lastly, the premium plan has all the above with a dedicated partner manager, team accounts and additional merch membership. A total of 12 % is taken from the revenue of accounts with a premium Patreon membership plan.

Patreon also lets the creators put up goals and rewards for completing them. These can be goals that are revenue-oriented or patron-oriented. This is where setting a goal of reaching a certain number of patrons of revenue can be used as a reason for a reward or maybe a giveaway.

This way the patrons have something to look forward to apart from the content your upload. It could also aid them in staying onto your content for longer periods.

In conclusion, being a part of Patreon will help you with managing the fan base that you already have. It lets you be free with more content that can be exclusively provided to the patrons. This in turn increases the support you receive and thus your business.