Let's start with knowing why there is something called Patreon and what exactly it is. When it comes to earning today, it can be said that anything, any skill, can be monetized if expressed and used correctly. Using the correct tools and media to propagate your skills is essential in this process. All Patreon members have the same perks.

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Patreon platforms

You can find many platforms on the internet that allow you to showcase any skill you possess over the years. These can be viewed for free with background tech doing the work to get the money with ads. It is also possible that the views can be monetised.

One such example can be taken from youtube. Youtube as a platform is very visual. The videos that are put on there can be viewed by anyone and can be followed as well. When a channel puts up good content that a lot of people want, the channel grows to have more subscribers.

Patreon members
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As these subscribers increase, among them will be those who have been dedicated to the content. These are people who want to see more from the artists every time they upload. But with the limitations that youtube has, the extra free content would barely make any profits.

That would let you decide to offer up that extra content for a price. As there will be people who would want to view it, it would be worth it to provide this in a separate space.

This would only be the case if the artist has enough fans or dedicated followers who want more. But in case you lack that kind of reach, there are always options where you can grow it using a social media growth agency.

Now that you're charging for this material and people are flocking to be a part of it, it's become a different side hustle for you. It is still connected to your main content, but it would give a better and closer understanding and view of your creations.

That is what Patreon does. Patreon members can be both creators and patrons. On Patreon, the creators can charge the patrons according to the content they want to view. They can also sell their merchandise on the platform and earn extra.

The platform provides members with features that are used to aid in the same. This way you know you will be receiving a monthly income as creators on Patreon, apart from the space where your usual content is delivered.

Being a part of Patreon members

Membership on Patreon is done either to be a part of the exclusive content that one gets to see or be the creator who makes it. The platform thus becomes a source of income.

The platform is free for the initial sign up. But once you start using it for earning money, there is a certain fee that would be deducted accordingly. There can also be services that you may opt for on the platform for which you will need to pay.

The money-earning part of Patreon comes from the way the creator decides to go about it. That will include the basic way of charging for the content available. It can be customized to pay for every piece of content produced by the creator as well.

The income that one gets is that which directly comes from when a fan pays to get access to the creators' content. Here, there is no middle man through whom the money goes. As the platform is aiding in the showcase of the content, it will only take a bare minimum from the revenue that a creator gets.

The percentage of revenue deducted would again depend on the tier or the plan that the creator has chosen. The platform offers four of them, ranging from the least expensive to the most.

The least expensive would be the lite plan which would charge 5% of the revenue. The second would be the pro plan which has additional features that include workshops, analytics, etc. with a deduction of 8% of the revenue.

The third one is the pro plan with a merch feature where one can sell the merchandise unique to other content that they created. Here the deduction from the revenue is 11%. Finally comes the premium plan that includes everything with a team manager and a dedicated partner manager. This plan would cost the creator a total of 12% deduction from the revenue.

It would depend on the patrons and the activeness of the page for the creators to choose the plan. Thus this would sum up the Patreon members who are creators, and the benefits they reap with the platform.

Patreon members

When it comes to other Patreon members who have joined in to be a part of a creator community, it is mostly a service that can only be used with payment. As almost all creators on Patreon charge for the content they upload, you will need to pay up to view them.

This would be a chance to look into their content much more deeply as it is exclusively available on Patreon. It is a way of knowing the creators more closely. You will be able to get the perks they give out for their Patreon members and be a more active part of their goals and deals.

These would include things that you can physically avail like the merchandise that they would sell. You would get early access to things as well. The content you see would be exclusive as it would include content such as initial details. These would be content that is unlike the ones they upload for free on the internet.

So being a part of this platform becomes an advantage and is easy to do the same. Like any other platform out there the signup is easy too and free. Further, the question you will receive would be based on the content you create. Answering that would enable you to build a good platform on Patreon.

This will continue to choose the tier you want to choose to avail the services that Patreon has to install for you. With completing each instruction, leading to the setting up of a Patreon profile, you will be able to use it in a better way.

Patreon members
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These would collectively sum the features and benefits of using a Patreon account. Both are applicable for creators looking for extra cash or viewers who want to get closer to their creators.