The online world has evolved tremendously in recent times. Creative people such as musicians, video-makers, podcasters have the opportunity to share their work online. They have gone full fledge with content creations on the various online platform. Several creative individuals are switching their careers to such online platforms and are aiming to build their full-time careers for which the patreon app has come to rescue. Websites like YouTube have the option of ad revenue generation. But, ad revenue is not sufficient for beginners.

This is the reason why online content creators have joined crowdfunding websites to sustain and fund their future projects. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform.

Patreon allows the subscribers or loyal followers of the content creators to support them financially. They have the option to support them monthly. Sometimes creators don’t take monthly support from patrons.

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patreon app

They just charge for the project they complete. For instance, they will charge a fee for the episode they complete or the podcast they release. This is the best option for creators who don’t post regularly.

The “patrons” or “supporters” get to enjoy additional perks. Perks include access to exclusive uploads, ad-free content, early access to exclusive uploads, the ability to suggest ideas, free merchandise or promotional offers.

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Moreover, several YouTube creators give credits or add the name of their patrons at the end of their videos or in the description box.


The patreon app and website has social media integration. Social media integration helps to track other social media handles such as their Twitter account or Facebook and Instagram handles. You can follow your favourite content creators over these platforms.

Membership Tiers

Membership tires is a unique feature of Patreon. Membership tiers are popularly used by content creators to give their supporters the option to invest. Each membership tier corresponds with a specific monetary amount. The range of monetary amounts can be anywhere between $1 and $100 per month.

Creators can set the membership tier only between this range. Patrons with high contributions get better perks. They get the opportunity to receive special offers from the creators.

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Moreover, they can directly contact the creators and interact with them to give more suggestions. Additionally, creators display the name of the top contributor prominently on their videos.

There are certain exceptions regarding various tiers. Certain tiers have “slots” that need to be filled by patrons. Content creators use these to manage the rewards and offers for higher contributors of higher tiers. It is specifically more significant to create customised projects requested by top tier patrons.

There is another format that other creators follow. It is known as “pay what you want”. Under this scheme, all the patrons are treated equally and get equal perks.

Patreon members/ Content creators display their financial goals on their accounts on Patreon. It is associated with different contents. Moreover, other users can even see how many patrons are supporting the creator.

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Features and Benefits

One of the essential features of Patreon is the communication platform for the members with their supporters. The Patreon members get to communicate with their patrons by using the feed of their page. When you proceed through the article you will find a segment where we have explained how to post on the patreon.

The creators can post texts, videos, images and polls on their page posting of the poll is only restricted to desktop and mobile web. All other post options are available in the patreon app. Moreover, creators have the option to display posts specific to tiers. They can block the post for other membership tiers.

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How Patreon has changed the situation for content creators?

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The main source of income for any content creator is the ad revenue, sponsorships or sponsored videos. But, this is not enough to sustain in the initial days of content creation. Here, Patreon helps the creators to crowdfund for their content via posts on the patreon app.

As Patreon is a crowdfunding website, creators can create their accounts and get the fund from their beloved fans. This financial support can help them build quality content. It creates the opportunity of financial security for the creators in the initial days and helps them build a full-time career.

Patreon is one of the best sites for fans to support their favourite creators. They get to support them and fund their projects to produce the best content. Joining the patreon app is the best way to support the best content creator.

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The patreon app comes with new features and a simplified interface. Creators can post quickly on their patreon app. You get a similar editing option and composing tools that of laptops and desktops in your app.

Steps to make a post on the Patreon app

These are a few steps to make a post on your patreon app.

  • First, you need to log into your account on the Patreon app.
  • Then tap on the “Make a post icon” on the app.
  • You need to tap on the appropriate icon from the top bar of the app to make your desired post.
  • Now you get two options to make a post. Either you can choose the text-based option to make a post or click on the link option to add a video or audio link.
  • The poll post option is available on a desktop and a mobile web browser.
  • You even get the option to add an image when creating a post. You can add an online image by tapping on the icon of an image. This icon is available at the bottom format bar.
  • Once you are satisfied with the post you have created, go ahead and click on next.
  • Click on “who can see this post”. It will give you 3 options- public, all patrons or select tiers.
  • You can select publish to make the post live.
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