If you are planning to use the Patreon platform, you must be thinking if it can be used for free or not. This post will keep you informed about all that you need to know about this.  Patreon is an America-based membership service providing business tools for those who are content creators. This helps them run a subscription service. It also helps the artists and creators to earn a particular amount of money every month by offering perks and rewards to their subscribers.


Is Patreon Free To Use Or Not?

Patreon also charges a commission of almost 9-12% of the monthly income of creators, apart from the processing fee of payment. You must be wondering is Patreon free and to get that answered, read this post. 

is Patreon free

 It is a platform used by webcomic artists, podcasters, videographers, musicians, writers, and creators of adult content. Other groups of creators can also use this platform who posts content regularly. It also enables the artists to get funding straight from their fans that are also called patrons, who can keep recurring or per each artwork. The company was introduced by a musician named Jack Conte and an app developer named Sam Yam in the year 2013. It originated in San Francisco. 

What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a membership service that makes it simple for the creators who want to earn an amount. For the creators, Patreon is a platform where creators get paid for creating things they are already good at. Fans just pay a particular number of bucks every month or post that is released by you. Then, you will also get paid for each month or every time something new is released. For those who are Patrons, it is a platform where you can join the community of your favorite creator and you can pay them for creating what you like. 

Instead of just throwing your money at the screen, you can pay some bucks every month as per the post made by a creator. For instance, if you are paying $2 for each video, and 3 videos are released by the creator in February, then the card can get charged $6 every month. This means that a creator can get paid regularly and you become a certified, realistic patron of arts. 

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For a lot of creators, the emergence of Patreon has become very beneficial. Conventionally, online creators have made a lot of income through advertisements. This is inclusive of both the advertisement space sold on various sites and direct sponsorships received from companies. Though, there has been a drop in the advertising revenues of late. In the year 2021, there has been a change in the Youtube guidelines which triggered the dubbing of Apocalypse which led to reductions in income. 

How much do you need to pay to join Patreon? 

Patreon enables the creators to get direct funds from the biggest fund and generate an income on monthly basis. A lot of small creators have now got the opportunity to focus more on online work full-time by getting support from their patrons. For the fans, this platform is a great way to fund work created by your desired creators, and also get rewards in return. If you enjoy the content generated by someone, then joining their members is the best way to show them your support. 

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It is most well-known among those who are videographers, podcasters, writers, musicians, and others who post regular content online. There are more than 50,000 active creators and 1 million patrons on this platform.

Patreon is free for you to sign up. After you have signed up, you can just link your social media accounts to check if your acquaintances are using this site. You can search for the creators you want and this platform will also give you suggestions about people you may like. Signing up on this platform is free and, the only cost you need to pay is when you want to contribute to the page of your favorite creator. You can also choose the list of creators you wish to support and in return, you will find curated offers, deals, and content that can’t be availed on any other platform. 

Is Patreon free for its members? 

For the membership part, you should know that there are various tiers of membership offered on Patreon. Many creators don’t have any rewards to offer or they just create a reward tier as a way of entry into their community. There are many web shows which ask the patrons a very less amount for becoming a part of their community. The show can be viewed for free on other platforms. However, users enjoy the shows so much that the creator can earn a lot just by their support and appreciation.

 Many creators also offer a support system in several tiers. This can help in encouraging the potential patrons who are willing to make a higher contribution. Though many people just want to support kindness, the creators who offer rewards on the Patron tend to give a better performance than creators who don’t offer rewards.

is Patreon free

This is the reason why it is good to create a tiered support system with your Patreon, and offer a significant part of the content for free to be accessed through a website, newsletter, or any other platform. The different rewards you get on this platform can be easy access to podcasts or videos, new products, or any other physical items like t-shirts and books. There can be different kinds of support you can avail of on this platform. 

That’s all that you should know about is Patreon free for now. If you are a beginner, you should know that you can easily sign up on this platform for free without having to pay a single only. There are many Patreon features that can be availed by users for free and even by those who are not Patrons. However, to access all that this site has to offer, you must join the Patreon membership program that can be availed in various tiers. 


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