Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to produce and upload awesome content, but also give you an income? Then Patreon is the best choice for you! Learn how to use Patreon app to increase the number of visitors on your profile, track and measure your progress, and make better decisions for growing your business.

how to use Patreon app
How To Use Patreon App: A Step-By-Step Guide 4

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is changing the way creators get paid. It’s a subscription platform for creators to get recurring revenue from the people who want to support them. Nowadays, it might be tough to get viewers to pay for the content with just one-off payments. This is where Patreon comes in. Creators can use Patreon to give their viewers a long-term commitment by letting them pay through monthly subscriptions.

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How Does Patreon Work?

Tens of thousands of creators are already using Patreon to earn a living making the things they love, from webcomics to podcasts, music, videos, games, and art. There are also many ways for artists in the process of "how to use Patreon App" to fund their creative endeavors. For example, Patreon is a great way for musicians who are about to go on tour to fund their travel expenses with small donations from fans like you.

How it works is that fans pledge an amount of money each month to support their favorite creator, and in turn, the creator releases new content or products each month. Fans can pledge any amount they want, as little as one dollar, and they can cancel at any time.

Patreon takes 5% of each creator's total pledges per month, but creators are also able to take advantage of our Partner Program which allows them to charge patrons additional fees like a "service fee" or "credit card processing fee." These service fees are optional and set by the creator, so you can charge patrons whatever you think is best.

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How To Use Patreon App

Step 1: Go to the Patreon home page and click "Sign Up." Sign up using your email address and create a password. Click "Create My Account." You will be directed to the main page. Click "Start Now."

Step 2: Fill out your profile information. You can also add a profile picture of yourself to your account. Under the "Bio" category, fill in your information, such as where you live and what kind of work you do.

Step 3: Under the "Platforms" category, click on the platform you currently use to share content – Facebook or Twitter – link your accounts to Patreon (you may need to authorize the connection first). This will allow you to easily post updates about your campaign on social media.

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How To Set Up Your First Campaign on Patreon

Patreon provides creators with two main ways of earning money:

  • Set up a campaign on Patreon and invite people to pledge small amounts of money per month in exchange for rewards.
  • Set up an online shop and link it to Patreon so that every time someone buys something from your shop, you get paid.

Usually, when people create a Patreon campaign, they start by setting up the rewards that they will give out as incentives for backers to pledge money each month. These could be behind-the-scenes content or exclusive previews of your upcoming projects or even something more tangible like a personal thank you postcard sent straight to your backer's door!

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How To Manage The Goals For Your Campaign On Patreon?

When you are setting up your Patreon page, choose a goal that you consider reasonable. Don't set the goal too high because you think that it will be the only way for you to succeed on Patreon. Setting the goal too high might lead to disappointment. On the other hand, setting it too low can make your campaign not successful at all.

For example, if you are just starting out and have a little experience, set your goals from $500 to $1,000. Make sure to put a lot of effort into creating rewards for your supporters. When you have more experience in making videos, set higher goals for yourself and offer better rewards for your supporters.

How To Track And Measure Progress And Performance On Patreon?

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how to use Patreon app
How To Use Patreon App: A Step-By-Step Guide 5

Being close to your supporters is very important and tracking their activity is one of the best ways to do so. You can reach your goals if they like what they see in your Patreon campaign. If they don't, they will leave and stop supporting you. It is important to know what they like and what they don't like about your campaign so that you can improve it accordingly.

You should also use Google Analytics to track where people go after they visit your Patreon campaign. This is important because you want them to click on the "rewards" button and not the "about" or "updates" button. When people click on the rewards button, they are pledging their support to you and choosing to pledge a certain amount of money per month or per creation.

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About one in every five visitors will sign up as patrons. You want this number to be higher so that your income increases. The easiest way to accomplish this is by making sure that the rewards section easily catches the eye of your audience. This can be done with things like bigger font, a different color scheme, larger images, and so on.

Using Google Analytics helps you find out what works and what doesn't work on your campaign. With this knowledge, you can try out new things to get more people pledging their support for your Patreon campaign.


We hope this guide can shorten the learning curve for you about how to use Patreon App and help get you started using the platform as soon as possible. Once you have a Patreon campaign set up and running, it’s time to focus on growing your fanbase and turning patrons into raving fans.

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