How to support on Patreon? Learning this would be a key way of earning for you. This is because Patreon is a platform that uses this support to make an income for the creators signed up for the platform. 

Let us start by understanding how Patreon works. Patreon is a space where content creators of any genre give exclusively available post creations. Exclusively in the sense, it would be available to those who pay on the site to gain access.

When we talk about the functions and uses Patreon has, it can be explained with users being divided into two separate categories. 

Content creators on Patreon

The first category would include users who are content creators and expect to earn from the platform. This would mean that they would produce content, especially for Patreon subscribers. They can mark off a certain payment to be made for each post or even for a whole month of posting. Check here how to support on Patreon?

With the amount of content they produce, they can decide how the payment options on Patreon should be curated. That will allow the users to choose from the different payment plans they have set up on the site. 

With each payment plan, there would be a set of perks the patrons would receive from the creators. Curating the payment tiers would allow the creators to create content closer to what they love doing. That becomes a way of showing a deeper side of the creators. It would be a closer look at how they work.

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The platform was mainly built for this very purpose. YouTube, like other platforms, has an algorithm that rewards producers based on the number of views they receive. In such situations, earning becomes harder, and the value of the content decreases as the number of views decreases. 

Patreon would be a way of gaining worthy money in return for the hard work that creators put into their content. It would be an easy way to gain the money they deserve.

All this will only be possible if they already have an existent community to support them. The size of the community should be significant enough so that there would be enough dedicated followers. This would be how to support on Patreon.

how to support on Patreon

These would be the people who would be willing to have access to content based on payment. Without the followers, learning about how to support on Patreon, the use of Patreon would be dull. Because Patreon cannot attract new followers, it's almost a must to have enough for the account to function properly.

Learning about how to support Patreon

Now in cases where the number of subscribers is falling short from the communities you have on social media platforms, you can increase it. That can be easily done using a Social Media growth agency to Get more organic & targeted followers, likes & comments.

You can open a Patreon page to provide exclusive content for your community with the help you get. There are plans available for creators to choose from if they want to use certain Patreon features.

The options range from basic to premium, with a portion of the earnings withheld to cover Patreon's expenses.

Firstly the lite plan provides the most basic feature and takes up a whole 5% of the revenue for the platform. The next would be the pro tier, where the benefits are increased, with the addition of workshops, unlimited app integration, analytics etc, with the deduction of 8% from revenue

The third one is the pro tier which has a merch benefit. This tier allows the creators to sell merchandise of their creation here. This tier takes about 10% of the revenue for the platform. check here how to support on Patreon?

The last and fourth one would be the premium membership, where the user gets all the perks from the above categories with a few others. Here the maximum of 12% is taken from the revenue for the platform.

Although there is a deduction from the creator's pocket, the majority of the payments reach the creators themselves without any middleman getting the money. That becomes an advantage as they will receive the payment for the work they put in.

Patrons on Patreon

Patrons would be the second category of people that Patreon would cater to. Their system is a bit different from that of content creators. These people view the content that creators post to give them money for their work.

For patrons, Patreon lacks a tier system that would take payments for the content they watch. Instead, the liberty is given to the creators to choose how they want to structure a  plan.

As discussed before, the creators can curate their payment plans based on the services they want to provide. They can customize the time they would like to collect their payment for the content they create.

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This can range from asking for payments on a content basis or a period like a monthly basis. In cases where the creators post very frequently, they would likely take payment on a content basis.

So in that case each creator will have their own set of plans they provide the patrons to choose from. The payment of the patrons is done here. According to the creator and the plan they choose from them, payment will be demanded from the patrons.

A patron can choose to subscribe to multiple creators and their plans and can choose to leave them too as they please. The option to modify and edit their choice for the same would be available on the menu bar present in the top right corner.

When the page comes that would display the creators they follow and have subscribed to, every detail will have an option to edit. You can delete or upgrade the service as you wish and add a limit to the payment on your account.

Patrons would be the reason why any creator on Patreon would have a successful page. This is exactly how to support on Patreon, by being there for your favourite creators.

This would be the doorway to knowing them and their content better. It would allow the patrons to be a part of the giveaways and other events with early access. It would also give you access to bonus videos and behind the scenes of many creators.

how to support on Patreon

With these two basic categories, anyone new to Patreon would be able to navigate it according to their wishes. It would be the most effective way of getting the worth for the time you spend creating.