Patreon is a membership platform created in America for content creators and artists to use and earn from. And one of the first steps to learn here would be how to join Patreon for free.

But before that, you must know what you are getting into. 

About the platform

Patreon is a platform where users can create exclusive content that they can sell to their followers. This can be used by anyone who has the reach that can gain them enough dedicated followers on the platform. 

Without a significant number of patrons, it would hardly work that efficiently. In situations where you find yourself with a fewer number of followers, one can easily obtain them through other means.

You will be able to get more organic & targeted followers that will help you grow on all social media platforms with a Social Media growth agency. The only thing you need to do is to approach them with the query.

Once you are sure that you have enough followers, you can move ahead to create an account on Patreon. This will help you get some of those followers as your patrons. The ones who would like to view your exclusive content.

Now as the main part that is the patrons that will help in using Patreon more effectively, we can move on to its general features.

how to join Patreon for free

The first step in learning how to join Patreon for free is to create an account on the platform. This would need you to pay zero amount of money and this is the simplest process. 

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Once you are done setting up an account you would be asked questions based on the type of content you create. This would be required to get an understanding of the source of income on Patreon if in case you are on it to earn. 

Answering the questions that would be based on what you do will give the platform a better understanding of your creations. After you've finished answering those questions, you'll be asked to choose one of Patreon's four types of plans.

Now, this is where one can stop thinking of how to join Patreon for free. This is because from here on once you choose a tier you will pay monthly installments to avail the services of the pack you select. 

That will be done indirectly as each tier takes a commission from the revenue the account gets once it starts collecting money.

Each tire is as follows:

  • The lite plan - takes a commission of 5% from the revenue
  • The pro plan - takes a commission of 8% from the revenue with added benefits of other features unlike the lite plan
  • The pro plan+merch - takes a commission of 10% front from revenue with the added benefit of getting a chance to sell the creators' merchandise. 
  • The premium plan - charges a commission of 12% on revenue, with the extra benefit of having all of the features of the other plans plus a lot more. That would be the topmost plan that Patreon offers its customers.

As mentioned, Patreon would take a total of 5% to 12% commission for the creator's page once they start using the platform to earn. That would mean that it is no longer available as a free platform once you actively choose to follow a plan.

Aside from that, customers can subscribe to the artists they want to follow through their subscription services. That would require them to look up the creator and select a plan from the options provided. That will allow them to be a part of the content of the creator's post.

How to join Patreon for free

As previously stated, the free portion of joining Patreon finishes before you opt to participate in any of the platform's plans. But like any other social media website, any user can join Patreon for free.

The sign up can be done by accessing the site by typing in the website name and going onto it. There, on the top right corner, there will be an icon that has three horizontal lines. Selecting that would let you in onto the menu options on the site.

When you scroll down to the menu option on the bottom you can spot the signup option. Select that and proceed to fill up the form that appears.

This way you would only be required to give access to one of the accounts, thus easily creating the Patreon account without filling anything extra. 

This way your content will also be interconnected through these accounts. Otherwise, there is also an option to fill up your information like a regular signup form.

That will first ask you to type in your name. It will be followed by typing in your email twice to confirm the email onto which notifications and updates would be sent. The last would be to fill in a secure password for the account.

After you've completed all of the fields, read the terms of service, privacy policy, and cookie policy to ensure that you're following all of the rules. It can all be wrapped up with selecting to sign up.

how to join Patreon for free

These will be the steps that will help you to know how to join Patreon for free. Once you have set up a free account, moving further into the features of the platform would be your choice.

However, to gain access to their exclusive content, you must first follow an influencer or creator. Other than that, it could also be that you would be the creator and would be entailed to take up a plan. That would give the platform a percentage of the account's revenue.

After joining

Once you join Patreon and actively use it, you can see content and publish your own. With the help of its pricing system, you can charge the patrons a fixed rate on the based period of upload or per upload. This way you can choose to design the way you earn and be flexible with it.

Easy gains in doing what you love are what Patreon would stand for. So go onto their page to sign up and use their services.

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