Are you someone who wants to try the Patreon app? If yes, you have to read this article carefully. It is a business app. If you want to use it, you should know certain essential things. You cannot establish a business without having proper knowledge about it. If you want to know how to get Patreon supporters, this article holds essential tips for you. When you start anything new, you should know about the factors and their characteristics. If you remain unaware of the purpose of using something, you may not be able to do it properly. Hence, it is vital to have a proper understanding before taking up something new.

If you want to get more Patreon supporters, you should know about Patreon first. Patreon is an application that helps you earn money by establishing a fan following. If you want to get supporters on this app, you should provide them with exclusive content. Patreon is your fans who help you provide financial support for your business or other online things.    

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Patreon supporters

For example, if you are an artist, you have to get fans that will subscribe to your art and provide you with a monthly subscription, and in return, you will provide them with your exclusive art. This way you don’t have to search some other place to get support for your work. Sometimes, people cannot become successful due to a lack of support. But, this platform helps you get a subscription to help you explore more opportunities. For content creators, this is one of the best platforms. If you also want to sell your content, you should avail this platform.

One of the essential things to consider about this platform is to get fans or supporters (Patreon). If you don’t know how to get Patreon supporters, you cannot use this platform efficiently. This is why you must read this article carefully. If you want to use this platform, you should have an adequate number of supporters to help you with your monthly subscription. By purchasing your subscription, they will pay your some amount monthly as a subscription. However, if you don’t know how to get Patreon supporters, there is no point in using the platform.

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Tips To Get Patreon Supporters

As we mentioned earlier, this article is all about tips for Patreon supporters. If you read these tips, you can easily get more Patreon supporters on this platform. It is not an easy thing to gather more followers. Whether Patreon or some other social media platform, you have to struggle a lot to get earn quality followers. However, when you have these tips, you can easily get more followers, regardless of the platform.

We have come up with this article to help you get quality supporters on the Patreon platform. If you have made an unsuccessful attempt to get supporters on that platform, here are some amazing tips to tell you how to get Patreon supporters in 2022. Once you know the tips, you can do anything easily on this platform.

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So, now, it will become easier for you to get more supporters on Patreon as you have access to these tips. Gone are those days when you had to struggle even to get a single follower. Here are some essential tips for you. We hope you will enjoy reading the tips.

how to get Patreon supporters
How To Get Patreon Supporters In 2022 4

Never Ask Them Directly

If you will ask directly to people to follow you, you will seem greedy. You have to make it authentic. Moreover, you should attract people with your work rather than ask them directly. It is one of the common mistakes that people make. You should not make the same mistake. It’s time to learn from the mistakes of other people. If you want to get quality supporters, always use your work to influence and attract them. Asking them directly will not help in getting you more memberships.

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Try Other Social Media Platforms

If you think, you are not being discovered properly by people; you need to be present everywhere. Don’t limit yourself by using only the Patreon platform. Make sure to have social media presence on every possible platform. If you have more followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you need to tell people about your Patreon profile on those platforms. People usually have more followers on Instagram. Hence, it is better to take help from those followers. When they will learn about your talent and presence on Patreon, they will help you by subscribing to your work.

Provide Incentives to Your Fans

When people learn about the benefits they will get by using a specific platform, they end up trying them. You should also use the same technique. You should help your fans trust you providing them with some incentives and perks. There are several perks and incentives available for sign-up on Patreon. You have to provide those incentives to people for signing your membership. Once they sign-up for your membership, you have to slowly build trust among them. Use your talent to remain your member.

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how to get Patreon supporters
How To Get Patreon Supporters In 2022 5

Try Giveaways

People always look for things that will provide them with more benefits. If you are successful in showing your credibility, people will follow you. since getting more supporters on Patreon is similar to any kind of business, you should use business tactics. Giveaway is one of the marketing strategies of many reputable firms. You should also try this to gain more followers. You can attract a large number of people by using this technique. It is one of the most effective ways of getting more supporters on any platform.


These were some of the essential tips that you should remember while gaining supporters for Patreon. All you need to do is follow these tips and see how easily you gain supporters on Patreon. After reading the article, we are confident that you know how to get Patreon supporters.

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