Understanding how much is Patreon a month is in a way simple as the purpose is what defines it. The main goal of joining Patreon of any user would be either to follow someone or create a page for people to follow along.


So depending on which one of these you choose the prices will differ.

Patreon was initially designed so that creators who work on all fields and sites can have a common place to broaden their content. That here is done by giving out specially curated content for the eyes of paid subscribers alone.

how much is Patreon a month

Unlike other platforms, Patreon provides its users with an opportunity to earn with the reach they have. This earning would be all theirs apart from a small percentage that would go to Patreon. That is only reasonable as Patreon is providing a platform for the purpose.

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When the user is a content creator

When it comes to content providers, you can succeed with an account once you have enough followers who are loyal enough to follow you. However, the requirement for followers is unavoidable.

That is because, unless you have the required amount of followers, you would be getting paid lesser than expected. The loyal subscribers who take up your plan as a creator on Patreon are the sole reason for your earnings.

When you have a small number of followers and little activity on social media, Patreon will penalise you. So to firstly acquire a good amount of followers and their activity you must get a Social Media growth agency.

They will help you pick up new followers and increase their activity by them on your account. These subscribers/followers can then spill over onto your Patreon for the exclusive content. 

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The worrying part will be finished once you have enough dedicated fans who will come over to Patreon to support you. You can now proceed to create your account on the site.

Once you have set up the account, you will be asked to choose from the four tiers that Patreon has. Each tier has its advantages and selecting one is necessary if you are planning to earn through Patreon.

The tiers or plans that Patreon offers include:

  • Lite tier. This contains the most basic features and by taking this package you will let Patreon take 5% out of your revenue as the fee. This would be the fee taken for using Patreon for your content.
  • The next is the pro plan. This package has other perks, unlike the lite package. By choosing this package you will be offering up to 8% of the total revenue to the platform. 
  • Pro plan with merch is the next tier. From the name itself, it is clear that this plan will be a higher one with the addition of merchandise of the creator. That means that they will be able to sell their merchandise on the platform. Here the percentage taken would increase up to 8%
  • The final plan is the premium plan that has all the features of the other plans. That is included with two other added benefits and a reduction in revenue that is higher. It would come up to 12%.
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With so many plans to choose from you can choose the one that fits your fan base and budget. By choosing one of the above plans you will answer the question of how much is Patreon a month.

how much is Patreon a month

That is solely applicable to the content creators that contribute to the site’s content. The patrons who see these contents would then make a payment. 

When the user is a subscriber or a patron

How much is Patreon a month for a subscriber depends on the subscriber. This is because everyone has their own set of creators they want to follow and watch closely. Thus the plan they choose from them would be the amount the patron pays.

When it comes to the subscribers, they get to pay according to the plans that each creator chooses to make. These are plans that allow the subscribers to pay and watch the exclusive content.

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Similar to the Patreon website, each creator has the freedom to choose and curate the plans for their Patreon page. This allows them to be flexible and decide the content they want to create and the access that each level of patrons would get.

With so much decided by the creators, the patrons would get to choose from one of these for each separate creator. If they desire to follow three creators, they must select three plans from the available options independently.

How much does Patreon cost per month for a subscription summed up to this? The menu option on the subscribe page will include the ability to show all the creators you follow.

How much is Patreon a month?

By selecting that you would be driven to a page that will list down the creators, the plan you have selected and other details. Each of these details can be modified and thus any subscription to any creator can be terminated. 

The membership to the creator and the platform, as well as everything else, can be customised according to the user’s preferences. The amount they pay each month can be modified to a specific limit.

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This will help the user stay on track for the subscriptions. This page is the sum-up of all the expenses that a patron gets from Patreon. Being an active member on Patreon would mean subscribing to creators and getting a peek into their lives more exclusively.

So with the sheer number of influencers and creators present on the net on various websites, the option to choose also becomes wide. Because every subscription has a charge, choosing wisely would give you the content you need and save you a lot of time and money.


With both the creator’s and subscribers’ sides of payments covered, you can go on and decide which path you would like to take moving forward. Either way, the site is the best place to get a closer space compared to the web. A place where you can learn more about a creator and grow with the exclusive stuff they create.

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