We can find several content creators on the internet. Either a post, video, writeup, image, or anything, these creators publish them on different social media platforms. One common thing among these content creators is their income supplement. Most of them use Patreon for this purpose. What is it, and How Does Patreon Work? 


Influencer marketing and content creation took over the internet now. People are trying to find new ways to grab their chances in the online marketplace. Patreon is one such way to improve revenue. It is a platform that allows fans or patrons to pay for the work that impressed them. 

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Content creators on social media platforms are mostly photographers, artists, etc. They set up tiers and perks for patrons as financial support. It is more like an income to these influencers. So how does Patreon work? How can someone benefit from Patreon? Have a look. 

How does Patreon work? 

Patreon is not like other crowdfunding services focusing on helping something yet to exist. It instead is based on the existing content. As in, the platform is trying to help people make an income while rewarding the subscribers with different presents and additional content from the creator. Here’s how it works. 

  • Setting membership tiers 

First, Patreon allows creators to set up different membership tiers. The best thing here is the creator can choose the number of tiers and the subscription price. Some offer them at a cheaper price to encourage them. They also set up additional packages for dedicated patrons encouraging their content. 

How does Patreon work

In case of higher subscriptions, the creators can grant exclusive access to patrons. These subscriptions are pricey and usually are taken by people who genuinely love to support the creator. Lower subscriptions usually have limited access and rewards compared to the others. 

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  • Types of tiers 

We are constantly talking about setting up the tires, right? Well, tiers on Patreon are both optional and flexible. As in, the creators can choose to keep and manage their tiers. Some creators cap their tiers with different allowances and rewards at each level. Others choose to maintain a single tier to limit the communication and rewards management. 

  • Patreon website 

Patreon lets you create the tiers on the website. It provides simple tools, artwork, and a lot more to attract your patrons. There is limited access on the Patreon website exclusive to the creators. They can use this space to manage the patrons, rewards, and a lot more. 

How does Patreon work

The navigation bar on the Patreon website includes all the options to track the rewards, communicate with patrons, and others. Creators can use different tools to mark the rewards and content based on the subscription plans. By default, Patreon only pays the patrons when the creator enables it. You can track your Patreon balance as well. 

Overall, Patreon provides a lot more tools to customize the subscription plans and engage your patrons.