Over the years, YouTube has become one of the dominant social media channels. It’s a place where people come to get informed and entertained. People who go viral on YouTube can find themselves making millions of dollars through ad revenue and sponsorships. This article contains all the information about how does Patreon work for YouTubers.

how does Patreon work for YouTubers
How Does Patreon Work For YouTubers? 4

However, there is a hidden gem for YouTubers that goes largely unnoticed. It’s called Patreon. The platform allows you to accept payments from your fans in exchange for constant content from you. It is an excellent platform for anyone who gets paid to make great content but doesn’t have an infinite budget. In this piece, we will cover what is Patreon, how does Patreon work for YouTubers, and how you can use Patreon to fund your YouTube endeavors.

1. What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership site that allows fans to support their favorite artists in exchange for exclusive content and other rewards. It's a great way for creators to make money online since the fans are essentially pre-paying for their content before it's even created. It's like Kickstarter, but instead of supporting one big project with a fixed goal, patrons can choose what they like and get charged when that goal is met.

2. How Does Patreon Work for YouTubers?

Patreon works by allowing your supporters (who are known as “patrons”) to pledge a certain amount each time you release a new piece of content. This could be anything from a video, podcast episode, blog post, or any other form of online content.

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A lot of YouTubers will offer behind-the-scenes material, Q&As, and other special perks as incentive rewards for higher tiers. This is another great way to build a sense of community between yourself and your patrons.

You can set up your goal anywhere from $1 per creation up to whatever you think is fair (for example $30 per month). The more money you set as your goal, the more likely it is that people will pledge. It’s up to you how much time and effort you want to put into this project.

3. The 6 Ways to Increase Patrons on Patreon

Here's how you can attract more patrons to your page and make a living from your craft:

  • Be Transparent

If people don't know what they're getting or how they can get it, they will be less likely to pledge. When you first set up your Patreon page, make sure to post clear information about the different tiers available and what rewards go along with them.

  • Make Your Rewards Enticing

When you're starting out on Patreon, it's important that you offer high-quality rewards at each tier level so that people will feel like they're getting something in return for their pledge. The higher the tier, the better your quality needs to be — it should be exclusive and give patrons an inside look into your creative process.

  • Have A Compelling Video

At the top of your Patreon page should be a video of yourself talking about what you do and why patrons should support you. This can be the most important aspect of your page and it has to be of professional-quality. Many people won't take the time to read further into your page if they're unimpressed with the video.

  • Create Exclusive Content

Your patrons should feel like they're getting something special when they pledge their support. Let them know what will be available just for them and explain how they can get it. For instance, if they donate $10 per month, they'll get access to all of your videos before anyone else.

  • Use High-Resolution Images on Your Profile

If you're using images on your Patreon profile, make sure to use high-resolution images so people can see what's happening in each one clearly. If the resolution is too low, people will be unable to see the details of your work and may not be interested in supporting you.

  • Use Social Media to Spread the Word About Your Patreon Campaign

This strategy won't make you any money, but it will help you build up your fan base. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other forms of social media can be used to spread the word about your Patreon campaign and website. This can be done via advertising, posting related content, or engaging posts. Remember, if you want this strategy to work for you, you need to bring something unique to the table – something that no one else is talking about.

4. How Can Your Subscribers Become Patrons?

how does Patreon work for YouTubers
How Does Patreon Work For YouTubers? 5

Your most engaged audience members can become patron subscribers in your Patreon. These are the people you want to hang onto. These patrons will be willing to pay for exclusive bonuses, early access to content, and a feeling of personal connection with you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use Patreon as an early access tip jar.
  • Use it as a tip jar for every video series.
  • Use Patreon as a tip jar for specific types of content.
  • Host Q&A sessions with your Patrons only. 
  • Host live hangouts with your Patrons only.
  • Offer special one-off perk to Patrons only (like Skype calls or Google Hangouts).


Patreon has helped creators make a living off of their passion projects. The amount of money you can make will depend heavily on how often you are creating content and the size of your audience. There are some cool ways to tweak your tier rewards and descriptions to encourage people to make larger donations. By tweaking the way patrons are presented with rewards, creators can find patrons faster than ever before. In fact, the best strategy seems to be an approach that uses tiers with simple reward levels and communication that focuses on the patron benefits instead of the creator benefits.

Overall, Patreon is a viable and effective method for YouTubers to create additional revenue from their videos. Of course, the benefits of it also have to be weighed against the work involved in maintaining a subscription service. But for many YouTubers, that may well be worth the effort.

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