OnlyFans is one of the famous sites because of a variety of reasons. It is used mainly by amateur and pornographic creators. However, it has a market with fitness trainers, musicians, and chefs. But, before going into the depth of this site, you might be wondering what is OnlyFans? Well, OnlyFans is a content service that is based on subscriptions. The users here can post their videos and earn directly from those posts. OnlyFans has the Pay per view feature, and hence the content creators will be funded by the viewers on every view. 

what is onlyfans
What is Onlyfans? 4

If you are curious to know the various exciting features that this site offers to the users, making it one of the unique sites, you are right. The post below will be shedding some light on the list of extensive features of using OnlyFans. The company generally charges around twenty percent of all transactions on this site. So, keep reading further to know all you might want to know about OnlyFans

How does OnlyFans work?

Many other individuals, you might as well want to know how OnlyFans work. But, before understanding how OnlyFans work, let us first know what is OnlyFans. To give you a brief about Onlyfans, it is an adult site where the content creators share adult videos to earn money. Opening an account on this site will require a government id as evidence. Now moving on to understand how this site works. 

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OnlyFans allows the content creators to upload the content on this site through their accounts. The content can be related to anything and range from videos, photos, and articles. The other users on OnlyFans can follow these content creators if they are attracted to their content. Interestingly, the content creator will be charging the other users to view their content. The content creator will also decide on this fee to be paid to the content creator of the content. Eighty percent of this fee will remain with the creators. But, the rest of the twenty percent will go to OnlyFans. 

Now that you got a clear idea of what is OnlyFans and how it works, let us proceed further to grasp some of the exciting features this site offers. There are several rules and regulations that the users will have to adhere to. They cannot take screenshots of the videos or the photos shared by the content creators. If they do take any time, they might get blacklisted as well. Content piracy is not allowed on this site, and it takes serious actions against those who post pirated content. 

The list of features that makes it different

OnlyFans has a list of specific fun features that will blow your mind. You might already know some of the features if you have ever used this site. But, if you are new to it and wish to learn more, we have all the exciting features enlisted below in the section. 

  • Polls

To begin with, the OnlyFans site allows the users to conduct a fun poll which ultimately helps the content creator understand the opinion of the users. This will help the content creator determine what type of content they need to post to gain the users' attention. On the other side, it also encourages your fans when you create a poll to participate so that they can raise their opinion.

  • Post stories

Like any other social media site, OnlyFans also provides the option of posting the stories. The concept behind stories is to let the fans know the highlights of the content creator's life. You can give a glimpse of your life by posting some of the pictures and videos from your gallery. The best part is that these stories are only for twenty-four hours as they are temporary. But, OnlyFans allows you to add stickers, emoticons, overlays, and captions. 

  • Statistics of the page

Moreover, not all sites over this incredible feature of page statistics. You can gain the inner details, which can further help you attract more people to your account. To manage the traffic to your account, you need to tap on the 'Statistics' option displayed on your screen. You will be able to access the information of those who have visited your site and from which country they belong. This will provide you with a clear picture of who you should be targeting. 

  • Earn money

Well, the most important of all the other features is earning money. You can make a lot of money through the OnlyFans account. Any content posted on this site through your OnlyFans account will help you gain a lot of cash. The fees will be based on the pay-per-view concept, where 80 percent of these fees will remain in your hand, and the rest of the 20 percent will be for the OnlyFans. The content here mostly is NSFW or not safe for work, and you can purchase or sell your content based on your choice. 

what is onlyfans
What is Onlyfans? 5

These were, in brief, a few of the features that OnlyFans provides to the users. Hopefully, your query about what is OnlyFans and its features it have been cleared by now. 

OnlyFans is an adult site where the content of various sorts is available. Many individuals use this site to earn an extra source of income by posting photos and videos. However, one thing to always keep in mind while posting content here is to ensure that your content is not pirated. OnlyFans is very strict and takes serious action if someone is found posting pirated content on this site. Hence, always remember this and try to create your fresh content only.

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