OnlyFans is among the most popular sites where you can earn money by posting different types of content. It is an adult site that can be accessed by individuals above 13 years of age only. If you have recently joined this site and now planning to open your page, know how to open the only fans page in the below post. The post below will be shedding some light on how you can open up your page to share a variety of content so that you can earn money too. 


So, to learn the process in a step-by-step manner, start reading the next section. The post will also be providing some tips in the later section if you are creating the OnlyFans page for the first time.

Hence, keep on reading the post further to know everything that you seek to know about OnlyFans before getting into it deeply. 

OnlyFans page

How to create the only fans page?

You might now desire to know how to create the only fans page. But, let us first understand what OnlyFans is before going into details.

OnlyFans is an adult site where the users share content in the form of photos, articles as well as videos. The users can freely access this site without paying a single amount for the same. 

However, you can earn an amount by merely posting your content in any of the forms.

The pay will be based on the concept of pay per view wherein twenty per cent of all the transactions will be reserved for OnlyFans.

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Eighty per cent of the amount will be directly for the content creator. Let us now understand how to open a page on this site in the simplest manner. 

  • Create the account: To begin with, you need to first install this application on your device to begin the process of creating the page. You have to open it and sign up by typing in your details unless you already have an account on this site. The opening of an account on this site is extremely easy and simple as you do not have to pay much effort for the same. 
  • Set the subscription amount and set financial information: Interesting fact about OnlyFans is that it allows the content creators to set the subscription amount for their page by themselves. You can also set this rate by creating a poll and understanding the opinions of the fans. However, if you so desire, you can make your page accessible to all by making it free. 
  • Verify identity: You are also required to verify your identity on OnlyFans before you start with the process. Without the proper verification of the identity, you will not be allowed to proceed further. One of the incredible features of OnlyFans is that it verifies all the accounts. 
  • Submit the verification: Once the identity has been verified, you are good to go. You can now share as many photos and videos as you desire. You can also put photos and videos in the highlight section which will highlight what is going on in your life. 
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These were the steps that you need to follow when you open up the only fans page.

Now that you have understood the steps that you need to carry when you are creating a page on this site, let us move towards the next section to grasp some other information relating to this topic.

The next section will be providing some tips that you need to know if you are creating the only fans page.

Tips if you are creating an only fans page

If you are new to OnlyFans, you might require some tips. Well, a few of the tips have been enlisted below in the section. But, always remember that you can earn a higher amount only when you can engage a maximum number of people. To be able to do this, you will have to create content that attracts all. 

  • At the outset, it is recommended to set a proper subscription rate. One should make sure that the amount that has been decided is not way too high or way too low. It should be set after proper thinking and analysis. 
  • You can as well create a poll to know what the fans think of you and what are their requirements and opinions about your page. You can set the subscription amount based on the polling campaign. 
  • The most important point to always remember is to connect with your fans. You should always speak to your fans to build the relationship and hence retain their attention. 
  • Aside from this, you can also plan to conduct campaigns to lure your fans towards your account so that you can make your earnings high. 
  • If you are not concerned much with the money, you can also plan to make your account free to all. This will most probably bring more people to your account. 
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These were among the significant tips that you should know about before you make your only fans page for the first time.

Ensure that the subscription amount of your page is not way too high or low so that it is accessible to all.

If the amount is too high, there are chances that you will not be able to attract a wider range of audiences. 

OnlyFans page

OnlyFans is an exceptional platform that offers a lot of lucrative features to users. You can create your account and earn as much as you want but you will not be able to do it in real terms if you do not take into consideration the opinion of your fans.

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Hence, you need to connect with your fans and know their opinions so that you can provide content accordingly.

OnlyFans is an adult site and hence it is not recommended for kids below the age of 13 years.

Ensure that your kid does not get into this site if you wish not to get your kid exposed to inappropriate content. 



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