OnlyFans was launched in the year 2016 as a membership-based or subscription-based platform. It allowed content creators to post content on the website and charge money. Content creators fixed a subscription price on their accounts. It will be difficult to answer exactly how much do people make on onlyfans. 

Either the account can be completely free or partially free. Content creators charge specific posts in partially free accounts. Free accounts or partially free accounts are a marketing strategy to create a fan base.

As per the guidelines of OnlyFans, creators get to keep 80% of the revenue generated on their profiles. OnlyFans takes 20% of the revenue generated. People use this as an opportunity to make money.

Well, the popularity of OnlyFans is behind the NSFW content on the website. It is possible due to the unrestricted nature of content creation. But, several other SFW content has got popular after the NSFW content. All in all, it is safe to say OnlyFans is a diverse website.

how much do people make on onlyfans
How Much Do People Make on Onlyfans? 4

How to start with OnlyFans? 

As we already know, OnlyFans is popular among adult content creators. 70 to 80% of the content is for an 18+ audience. Mostly, the content is curated by professional sex workers.

The surge of adult content creators was noticed during the pandemic. People started harbouring at OnlyFans to pay their bills during the lockdown period of 2022.

Content creators can create an OnlyFans account for a wide variety of SFW content. It includes cosplay, fashion, haul, lifestyle, travel, funny videos, fitness training, recipes, etc.

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One of the best strategies to earn more is to have two OnlyFans accounts. It will help the creators to attract more audiences. They can create a premium account (paid) and free accounts. The content creators can advertise the content of paid account on their free account. Loyal fans will take the membership of the paid account.

OnlyFans has qualified to be a premium social media website. Even though it doesn’t have a mobile application, the smooth and user-friendly website of OnlyFans is very popular. People have loved all the features of OnlyFans.

For the starter knowledge, you must know about the different formats of content that you can post on OnlyFans. This will determine how much do people make on onlyfans. Given below is the different segment of the website.

  • Posts: Here the users can view all the contents of your website. Videos, photos, stories, audios, live videos, updates, etc. will be available in this section.
  • Photos: Under this section, all your photos will be displayed.
  • Videos: Under this section, all your videos will be displayed.
  • Audio: Under this section, all your audios will be displayed.
  • Likes: This segment on your profile will display the total number of likes that you received.
  • Fans: This part will display your total number of fans on the account.

We have already discussed the interface of the website. There are several perks and benefits available on the website. Creators can use these features to create quality content. One such feature is the option of “Schedule posts”. This option helps in setting the time and date for automatically publishing any post. Creators can take the help of professionals to schedule their content.

You can use the paid message option to earn more from your OnlyFans account. The paid message is used by creators to offer special fans exclusive posts. They even create special content upon request from fans.

The minimum tip of the paid message is $5 and the maximum tip can be $100. This might be highlighted when others search how much do people make on onlyfans.

how much do people make on onlyfans
How Much Do People Make on Onlyfans? 5

Edit your OnlyFans account

These are the few steps involved in successful editing of the OnlyFans account as you wish.

  • The very first thing you've got to undertake while making your account is to line a username and a show name. The user name can see as a result of the URL and @ whenever anyone searches for your account.
  • The show's name is to grab the eye of the audience. You may add something as you want. In contrast to the user name, you may add space on your display name.
  • Fixing a username and show name, you'll have to feature a profile photograph and cover image to your account. Virtually a bit like the Facebook cover image, the OnlyFans cover image can be visible behind the profile picture of the account, quite like a banner.
  • NSFW content creators should keep in mind that they can’t add fully naked photos as their profile image and cover image.
  • After adding your needed profile image currently, you've got the task to feature the “Subscription value”. So, you'll feature your checking account to line the subscription value with success. This could be the verification proof that you are on top of the age of eighteen years.
  • You may add the banking details in the blue section of “add a bank account”. When adding the bank details, attend the section below the subscription value. Here, you would like to edit the “About” section. It serves an identical purpose as a bio on Instagram. It's going to facilitate producing a picture of your account.
  • You'd prefer to be a bit descriptive concerning your details in the bio section. Users will get the idea about the work you create and will have the idea about where they are investing their money.
  • Moreover, you may specify your paid message content creation. This may provide the users with a concept concerning the exclusive content that you create at a special tip.
  • Other details that you simply can add within the about section is the location, and website URL just in case you've got one. Your fans can help in promoting your website. You may add other social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Link your Spotify account to share your playlist and connect with your fans.

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