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After your mobile app gets listed on the app store, be it Google Play Store or Apple/iOS app store, you need to improve its visibility on the app store. There are several ways to make it happen: just like SEO for websites, work on your android app title, description, keywords etc. When your mobile app is listed on the high rank, the number of app installs will increase and it will get more downloads as a result.

However, it is not an easy task to handle. When your Android apps are still young, you will not be able to list them high in the rank that easily. Ranks are decided by the Google Play Store on the basis of downloads that mobile apps get. How can you increase the app installs? Buy the real app installs for the instant boost in ranks, but let’s see why the iOS/Android installs are important for you.

Why Should You Buy Android/iOS App Downloads?

Buying installs can give you an instant boost on the app store. Planning the app marketing or mobile advertising for your app is also an option for you, but it’s time-taking and not very cost-effective.

App marketing is common via ads but the users you get through advertising won’t fill up the category of organic users. Therefore, app promotion can land you some users but not in an organic way. Promotion campaigns can support your android app better after you have some real and organic count of keyword installs.

You can attract targeted traffic to the app if you buy app installs in the beginning of the launch because it will be easier for users to discover your app on the store. Galaxy Marketing offers you some very amazing deals if you buy app installs from them.

get more app installs today

What is Galaxy Marketing? is a website that works as a social media growth agent for influencers and companies. It’s a self-service platform where users can search and order the service they want, with even custom-made marketing services available. Since its establishment in 2017, the site has been successfully working with many users and has satisfied them with their customer service.

It doesn’t solely work as a social media growth platform but also provides other services just like buying installs, views and many more. If you want to buy app downloads or installs for your android/ iOS app, this might be the best option you can get to fill up your account with.

SO Why Galaxy Marketing?


There are tons of marketers in this business who have many amazing offers, but what makes this platform so special? Simple: it is the agency you want and will provide you with custom services all in one place. Let’s see what you can enjoy with Galaxy Marketing:

Increased Keyword Installs

Keyword installs are installs via keyword search by users. Keyword is the specific phrase which represents your app and the audience you want to target. Keyword installs are important because they decide the rank of your app in the Android and iOS stores.

Therefore, keyword should be created carefully for the app. Keyword search by users increases your app’s visibility on the Android and iOS store, but how are keyword installs related if you buy app installs?

Keyword installs matter only when your app has enough installs already, which means that if you want your apps to rank higher, you need enough installs in the first place but those installs should be real users in order to fill any gaps. The real iOS installs you buy here will ensure that your app appears higher in the rank than others in the keyword search, thus getting more keyword installs.

In short, your purchase will be a long term winning deal with a high rank and real installs.

Targeting Right Traffic

An app is designed by keeping audience in mind. What type of traffic does it attract? What will be the behavior of users that install the app? Will it fill a need in the online market? These types of questions are kept in mind while designing an app. Therefore, the Android/iOS installs you buy must be for your target audience that would interact with the app and bring the right traffic in.

The iOS/Android installs you buy must be real users and they must boost the flow of traffic to the app. promises to bring you iOS/Android installs from real users. They would not only use your app but will also be a part of promotion like organic and real users.

Real Users

Buying the installs for your iOS and Android apps may sound risky because you have no way to know if the users would be real on the app. Usually, the installs you are promised for your iOS app by the service provider will be delivered as a number but won’t be of any use to you.

That is not the case here. Your order will be delivered as organic installs and real users who will engage with your content and promote your app organically by using it, and giving honest ratings and reviews.

Free App Promotion

Ad networks charge you a hefty amount for promotion campaigns but what if it comes free with the app install count you bought? You don’t need to hire any mobile ad network to fill the needs of a promotion campaign if you buy Android installs from this platform.

The users of the app delivered will engage with its content and use the app. In turn, you will get free app reviews and ratings. The traffic they attract will be targeted too, as the real reviews will bring more organic users to the app.

promote your app for more installs

Services You Want

There are different types campaigns to promote the app: CPI, CPA, CPC, CPM, etc. After you calculate the cost, you can order the deal you want.

CPI (Cost Per Install) is the basic campaign that developers opt for because it directly targets the Android and iOS installs you get. CPI or Cost Per Install is the campaign in which the owner pays each time the app gets a new install. Although Cost Per Install (CPI) is expensive as you have to pay for acquiring each user, it is most popular amongst developers.

With a self-service platform like Galaxy Marketing, you can order the campaign you want, be it CPA, CPM, CPC, CPI or any other of your choice. Discuss the cost of your CPI campaign with the customer support team and choose the service of your choice.

High Retention Installs

Even if the number of apps’ installs you are getting is going to fill up with real people, service providers do not usually promise you that the installs from real users will last for a long time. It will be useless if you cannot retain the users you paid for or if they do not engage with the app.

In this case, you can rest assured that the iOS/Android app installs you buy will not only be from real people but will last longer and stay more active. You can be stress-free and work for some real app promotion without worrying about retaining the app installs. Buy them and you can promote your Android app in an organic way.

How Does It Work?

You can buy app installs by following the link ‘’ and you will be directed to the main website. You can place your order as follows:

  • Find the order you want and fill the link (URL) to your app into the space given or message them via live chat
  • Complete your payment via PayPal, SOFORT Banking, credit card or mobile SMS Payment
  • As soon as your payment is processed, you will get your installs delivered in a matter of hours

how to buy app installs









Yes, if you buy iOS/Android installs, they will be real and organic people who will engage with the app in the form of ratings and reviews, and thus increase traffic to your app.

Fake installs bring the ratings down but if the installs are real, it is safe to buy them. In fact, buying installs is better than any other campaigns you can run for your app’s promotion.

If your installs fall below the amount you ordered, the company will support you with a free re-fill of the installs you lost. Therefore, you can trust the customer support they provide.

No, the amount of installs will be 10-30% more than the amount you ordered so that there is no chance of a missed delivery. The extra amount will be free of charge and won’t be added to your order’s cost.

You can use the live chat option in the down left corner or directly mail them at [email protected] for your queries. Just make sure that you add the order ID in the email so that the response is quick.

If you are planning on ordering the installs in large numbers, just contact the customer support team and they will make a good deal for you with a discount.

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