Tagging someone on LinkedIn is an effective way to build and maintain relationships with potential customers and partners. It can help businesses increase their visibility, reach more people, and ultimately grow their business. Tagging someone on LinkedIn allows you to easily share content with them, which can help create a more personal connection. Unfortunately, there are times when you may not be able to tag someone on LinkedIn. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why you may not be able to tag someone on LinkedIn and suggest solutions for the problem. We will also provide tips for avoiding potential problems with tagging, discuss the benefits of tagging someone on LinkedIn, and answer any frequently asked questions about tagging people on LinkedIn.

why can't i tag someone on linkedin
why can't i tag someone on linkedin 4

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a feature available on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that allows users to link or “tag” other users in posts or comments. When a user tags another user in a post or comment, they are essentially creating a direct link between themselves and the other user so that they can easily share content with each other. This can be especially useful when trying to build relationships with potential customers or partners.

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Reasons why you can't tag someone on LinkedIn:

There are several reasons why you may not be able to tag someone on LinkedIn. One reason is if the person has blocked you from viewing their profile or has set their profile settings so that only certain people can view it. Another reason is if the person does not have a public profile; only private profiles can be tagged by other users. Finally, if the person does not have an active account or has deleted their account altogether then they cannot be tagged by anyone else.


If you find yourself unable to tag someone on LinkedIn due to any of the reasons mentioned above then there are some solutions available. The first solution is to try sending them a message directly asking them if they would like to be tagged in your post or comment; this could potentially resolve any issues related to privacy settings or blocked accounts as long as they accept your request. Another solution is to try using different search terms when searching for the person’s profile; sometimes using different words can help narrow down your search results and make it easier for you to find them. Finally, if all else fails then you can always create a new account and add them as a connection again; this should allow you to view their profile once more and potentially tag them in your post or comment if they accept your request again.

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Tips for Avoiding Problems with Tagging:

To avoid potential problems when tagging someone on LinkedIn it is important that you follow some basic guidelines such as only tagging people who have opted into being tagged (i.e., those who have accepted your connection request), only tagging people who have active accounts (i.e., those who have logged into their account recently), and making sure that your post/comment is relevant before tagging anyone (i.e., make sure that it relates directly to what they are interested in). Additionally, it is important that you respect the privacy settings of others; never try to bypass privacy settings by sending unsolicited messages asking people if they want to be tagged in your post/comment as this could result in unwanted consequences such as being blocked from viewing their profile altogether or even being reported for spamming/harassment depending on the severity of your actions!

Benefits of Tagging Someone on LinkedIn:

Tagging someone on LinkedIn offers many benefits such as increasing visibility for both parties involved (the one who tags & the one who gets tagged), helping build relationships between potential customers & partners by allowing easy sharing of content & ideas between each other, & providing an opportunity for businesses & individuals alike to expand their network & reach new audiences through mutual connections & referrals from existing contacts!


Tagging someone on LinkedIn can help businesses increase visibility, reach more people, and ultimately grow their business but there are times when it may not be possible due to various reasons such as blocked accounts & private profiles - however there are solutions available such as messaging directly & creating new accounts! Additionally there are tips available for avoiding potential problems when tagging people & understanding the benefits of doing so - readers should contact Galaxy Marketing for more information about these services!

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Q: What happens if I try to tag someone who has blocked me?

A: If you try to tag someone who has blocked you then they will not appear in any search results nor will they receive any notifications regarding your attempt at tagging them - therefore it would be best practice not attempt this action at all!