Almost every professional you come across will suggest you to open an account on LinkedIn. This is mainly because this networking platform is a massive storehouse of tools, features, and functions required to professionals to connect with one another and expand their knowledge and skills. You may have a problem finding what is my linkedin url because sometimes, you may forget to bookmark it.

This guide will help you gain a detailed insight into finding your LinkedIn URL.

what is my linkedin url
What Is My LinkedIn URL? 11

LinkedIn is a simple yet effective professional networking platform, and there is no other place that allows professionals to easily connect with one another like LinkedIn.

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This professional networking platform is open to users of all ages, genders, social backgrounds, and other social criteria. Anyone can create an account on LinkedIn because the platform does not discriminate among users. Moreover, you will find zero existence of nepotism on this platform.

When you are looking for a recruiter in the real world. You may lose an opportunity because the recruiter may favour his or her family member or acquaintance. However, on LinkedIn, you will find no such prejudiced treatment. You will be contacted purely on the basis of your skills and the strength of your profile.

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Along with the basic features of LinkedIn, the platform additionally offers several premium features such as InMail, saved searches, relevant searches, talent-finding filters, and more that may help you greatly.


Suffice it to state that LinkedIn is a useful platform for all professionals alike, whether you are looking for a job.

Importance of LinkedIn

Before you understand the importance of LinkedIn, you should know what is my LinkedIn URL.

So that you can use the functions and features of the platform effectively.

what is my linkedin url
What Is My LinkedIn URL? 12
  • The fact that you have an account on LinkedIn in itself seems to be a winning factor for many professionals.
  • It is said that having an account on LinkedIn is an indication that you are dedicated to progressing your career and receiving success. Therefore, your LinkedIn profile in itself is a strong factor that may bring opportunities your way.
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  • The basic purpose of LinkedIn is to allow professionals to learn more about one another is that they assist in one another’s growth and success.
  • Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this platform is the largest storehouse of professionals worldwide.
  • You can recruit job seekers, you can look for recruiters, you can find sales professionals, and you can look for internships.
  • You can be a general user who is there to gain some new knowledge.
  • LinkedIn allows you to connect with renowned professionals in every industry like no other platform.
  • With the premium feature of LinkedIn, you can contact all the members even if you are not connected to them.
  • This can be a way to expand your career and connect with more professionals to grow your career and receive more opportunities.
  • Creating a strong profile is imperative to making your LinkedIn presence successful.
  • An account on this platform is great but what’s greater is if you can reap the benefits of having an account on LinkedIn.
  • You need to have a convincing headline that displays your skills and qualifications.
  • Your profile should include your resume so that the professionals visiting your profile can learn about your skills, knowledge, and qualification.
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Learn what is my LinkedIn URL

If you want to learn what is my LinkedIn URL.

Then knowing about the points mentioned above is vital and you can check this website for further information.

It will help you create a more appealing account that affects more visitors and career opportunities. Therefore, make sure you keep these suggestions in mind and follow them.