LinkedIn Pulse takes the social media marketing step ahead with an online news aggregation feed. On this platform, members can post self-published content and share it with other audiences. On LinkedIn Pulse, one can generate insights, blog posts, and news from influential personalities. They can also share insider information with businesses and extend their reach.

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The best part about using this feature of LinkedIn is that it gives you tailored results that cater to your requirements. Users can see posts only from people they want to see. This way, it becomes easier for people of different professions to build a community and rapport with similar people. 

Willing to know what is LinkedIn Pulse? Continue to read further.

what is LinkedIn Pulse
What is LinkedIn Pulse: Know More About It? 5

Reasons why you should use LinkedIn Pulse

Probably, you are wondering what is LinkedIn Pulse and why LinkedIn Pulse is so widely preferred other than any other social network.

You might also think why you should take pains to post on LinkedIn Pulse if you have a blog. 

One of the biggest advantages offered by Pulse is that it helps businesses to grow and nurture professional relationships. Pulse is instrumental when it comes to connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

LinkedIn Pulse

We have enlisted a few reasons which explain what is LinkedIn Pulse and how provides the best exposure. 

  • Connect with your audience

On LinkedIn Pulse, rest assured that your content is going to reach professionals from different businesses. You can leverage your content to enhance your exposure across the web and persuade your audience to view future contents that you post. 

  • Engage customers through useful content

LinkedIn Pulse is also useful because it enables people to engage through genuinely useful content. This is only possible because of the unique nature of the platform.

LinkedIn Pulse is the place where professional and social networking combines. This motivates professionals on LinkedIn to grow, gain knowledge and explore. They naturally become interested in interacting and connecting with other people. 

what is LinkedIn Pulse
What is LinkedIn Pulse: Know More About It? 6

How does Pulse work?

LinkedIn Pulse works by sending notifications to users when suitable content is posted by other people. The notifications aren’t sent to everybody.

Based on your preferences, industries, and interest you would be notified when appropriate contents are posted on any topic.

Pulse works in the following process: 

  • If you are willing to publish content on LinkedIn Pulse, choose a message and start typing. Add a header image that’s about 600 x 322 pixels. Users can choose to design their images on Canvas. 
  • Make sure to write an engaging headline. Keep the headline short, intriguing and simple. Remember to use facts, statistics, and numbers. 
  • Finalize your post. Check whether you have any punctuation or grammatical error in your writing. Fix them and add tags to your post. 
  • Once it’s done, publish the post on LinkedIn Pulse and share it with your followers. Be consistent.  

Things to keep in mind while using LinkedIn Pulse 

Remember the following things while posting on LinkedIn Pulse: 

  • Don’t forget to create a calendar to organise and plan your activity. You can use tools to keep track of ideas. 
  • You should always boost your results, profiles and interact with other users by posting status and target keywords. 
  • Never post the same content on your blog and LinkedIn Pulse. If you are caught, Google will penalise you. So, to avoid a penalty, you must write the content in two different ways.  

Sometimes, your content doesn’t get enough reach. That’s why it’s important to diversify the content to get as much attention as possible. By being active on different social platforms, you can gain followers, readers, and views for your content.

LinkedIn Pulse is hence an effective way to connect to the target audience and interact with customers by crafting useful tailored content.

You can not only gain followers in this way but also establish your position in the industry with time.