The year 2022 started off with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the city of Wuhan, China. Due to lack of information and proper procedures, the viral infection quickly spread throughout the whole world. A state of emergency was declared everywhere and people were advised to practice social distancing. The healthcare sector got severely affected by this unforeseen catastrophe.

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As a highly contagious infection, COVID-19 posed a serious threat for everyone. People were instructed to stay at home and maintain strict quarantine in case of exposure. It soon became nearly impossible to meet and see your loved ones, friends, and colleagues due to the strict lockdowns imposed by governments in numerous countries around the world.

In light of the pandemic, economic recession lead to record-breaking unemployment all over the world. Due to adverse effects, household revenue streams suffered significantly.

Unemployment Caused by Covid-19

According to reports published by credible resources, in United States, the highest rate of unemployment has been among young women following young men. Majority of these laid off individuals were linked with retail or manufacturing sectors that include restaurant chains and brick-and-mortar retail stores.

retail stores
Role of LinkedIn in Combatting COVID-19 Unemployment 8

LinkedIn & Its Assistive Role in Covid-19 Unemployment

Soon after people realized that their incomes are threatened by the ugly impact of COVID-19, they started hunting for alternative job options. LinkedIn is an online networking platform used by millions of professionals who belong to various industries. Most professionals maintain verified profiles on this social media site.

LinkedIn has proven to be very helpful in these stressful times for job searchers. In this article, we are going to highlight various ways in which LinkedIn has been assisting WFH Employees as well as unemployed individuals during the ongoing pandemic.

LinkedIn’s Unemployment Resources

LinkedIn has come up with effective strategies and tools to curb the increasing unemployment during these unfortunate times.

unfortunate times
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Although LinkedIn launched its unemployment resources feature only in highly affected states in the US, but users all around the globe are equally benefitting from great networking tools provided on the website. Following are some of the tools that’re making it easier for unemployed individuals to search for jobs:

  • LinkedIn has introduced job search log for job seekers. The user can easily download a pdf version of their whole job log and keep a track of all the jobs in which they have already applied.
  • LinkedIn is directly integrated with unemployment websites that are working day in and day out to facilitate job seekers.
  • Users can easily access their job application history by going to the Jobs section on LinkedIn.

Networking Tools on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has made networking with professionals seamless. It helps people in seeking and receiving help regarding job search. It offers an option to users for uploading their resume on public profiles to increase visibility. This feature can be fully utilized by tapping on “Create New Post” option and selecting “Offer to Help”.

‘Support’ Reaction

Recently, LinkedIn has introduced Support reaction on the posts. This personalizes interactions and is also proving to be effective for fluid digital conversations and supplement online relationships.

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Weekly Email Reminders

LinkedIn also enables job seekers to turn on notifications in emails. According to your interests and preferences, similar jobs will be funneled down and notifications will be received directly in email inboxes for making the application process even more robust.

Providing Free Resources for Fostering In-Demand Jobs

LinkedIn has also introduced online courses and certifications for people to help them utilize their free time in learning new skills in order to be more suitable for vacant positions.

vacant positions
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LinkedIn Learning is a separate application which can be integrated with your LinkedIn account. It offers video courses and certifications taught by industry professionals from all over the world.

The courses and certifications include soft skills development and in-demand skills for current job market.

Virtual Recruitment

Employers around the globe are choosing virtual recruitment resources to hire new talent for their companies. LinkedIn has proven to be very effective in this regard. There has been an increased trend of virtual employees who are assisting companies in talent acquisition practices.

It is evident that post-pandemic markets will be more focused on virtual working dimensions rather than the alternative.

Joining Hands with Microsoft for Providing Extensive Learning Resources

The tech giant Microsoft has made an immense move to leverage job seeking individuals during COVID-19 by providing learning relief to them. It has joined hands with LinkedIn to keep people informed on local, national, and international progress of the global pandemic and changing work dynamics.

work dynamics
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As for job seekers, Microsoft has offered grants to non-profit organizations to focus their practices towards teaching new skills to people around the world via LinkedIn. Various organizations in America, India, Canada, Italy, Africa and Australia have joined hands to make an impact.

Microsoft notified that the data collected through LinkedIn indicates 10 jobs which are highly in-demand during COVID-19 market and hold a potential to stay relevant for decades ahead. The online and digital remote working conditions have shifted the paradigm towards tech-based companies. The 10 tech job positions include vacancies in Software development, AI, Sales Generation, Project Management, IT Administration, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Digital and Content Marketing, Graphic Designing, and IT Support Systems.

Possible Solution to Curb Covid-19 Unemployment

A possibly effective strategy to solve unemployment nuisance is thorough and rigorous testing and tracing of Covid-19 infections. In countries with efficient testing capacities like Japan, China, and Germany, the increase in unemployment rate is much lower than other countries. Proper test and trace operations will not only promote confidence among job seekers, but also encourage savings over consumption, and minimize negative work disruptions.