You must have come across some experiences where people have asked for recommendations from you on LinkedIn. But if you will randomly write anything in your recommendation it will not have a good impact. You should know How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn before you write something. There are some of the details that need to be taken care of so that it can be more helpful for the person. 

how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn
How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn? 3

What is the difference between recommendations and endorsement of LinkedIn?

When you are recommending someone on LinkedIn, then you are writing something nice about them, their personality and how are they professionally good. You have to send them along with your name and photo and later they will choose to put it on their profile. 

But if you are trying endorsement on LinkedIn then, you are simply just clicking a button that says someone is good at something. 

This is a reason why recommendations are more valuable than an endorsement. 

Why do people recommend someone on LinkedIn?

Some of the major reasons why people recommend each other on LinkedIn are as follows:

Some of the recommendations are genuine thank you. It happens when someone has worked under you and helped a lot in any project or something. And you want to appreciate the hard work, then you recommend him or her on LinkedIn. 

People also do this to reciprocate the recommendations. 

After your recommendation is on someone’s profile whose profile is generally viewed on LinkedIn. Then this increases the chance of your opportunities also. Many of the recruiters will also come to your profile after going through the recommendations you have given. 

how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn
How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn? 4

How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn?

Now let us know How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn. The process is easy and, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Go to that person’s profile whom you want to recommend.
  • Next to the primary action buttons near their profile picture, you will find a word recommend. 
  • Click on that option and write a recommendation in the box that appears. 
  • Another box will appear below it in which you can write a personalized message. It is the best way to ask for a recommendation in return. 
  • You also have to fill in the relationship details between you both. So that people come to know how you both are in contact. 
  • Then you have to click the send option. 

After you have sent the recommendation to the person then it is the person’s choice whether to accept it or not. 

An option to request changes in the recommendation they can ask you to add more details about the personality and other things. They can accept the recommendation that you have written. They can even add your recommendation to their profile. 

If you have written a good recommendation then everything will go according to the plan. If they do not recommend back, you can return then you can follow the person, and give the person a gentle reminder so that they can reciprocate your recommendation. 


LinkedIn is widely in use by many people. It has become a hub of professionals where you can easily get job opportunities and opportunities in various fields you like. But sometimes there are chances you do not get a lot of connections and followers organically so you can always take help and buy followers. This will surely help to expand new connections and many new opportunities will open your way. Before recommending someone, you should make sure to read the articles about How to Write Recommendation on LinkedIn.

All this will increase your chances that the other person will accept your recommendation and reciprocate. Thank you for reading the article.