How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn? Read below to know.

Before you look for jobs and put your LinkedIn profile on display, below stated are some criteria you must meet. Your profile must be complete in the language in which you speak officially. You can specify additional languages separately. You must create a visually attractive profile. Make sure your profile photo and the photo in the background are associated. How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn? See below.

The main description at the beginning of your profile must be written in concise, clear, and simple language. Use a couple of words that describe your personality the best. Now that you have gained an overall idea about LinkedIn, we would tell you how to view saved jobs on LinkedIn.

how to view save jobs on LinkedIn
How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn? 4

How to view saved jobs on LinkedIn? 

If you are curious about how to view save jobs on LinkedIn, you are at the right place. While you look for vacancies in different jobs and companies, people tend to save the ones to which they are most interested to apply. By doing this, you no longer have to manually search for the companies afterward. You can open your saved file and send your resume to the shortlisted companies.

When you visit the saved jobs section, you can see the selected job options where you can send your résumé. 

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In this section, you can only see the jobs and vacancies you had to save any time earlier. You can respond to the vacancy if it still exists by simply clicking on a button. How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn then? Read below.

how to view save jobs on LinkedIn
How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn? 5

Where to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn?

A lot of people often ask where they would find the list of saved jobs on their LinkedIn profile. To help you out, we have given a detailed list of steps following on how to view save jobs on LinkedIn.

  • In the upper corner of your screen, click on the jobs button.
  • After clicking on jobs, various options would appear on the screen. 
  • Click on saved jobs that appear exactly above the search bar at the top of your screen. 
  • Now, click on the more option and do any of the actions you want to: 
  • Either apply for a suitable job.
  • Or you can also send in a message via LinkedIn to inform someone else about the job offer. 
  • Copy the link of the company and share it with others. 
  • Unsave the job if it no longer appeals to you. When you unsave it, the job offer automatically gets deleted from the saved jobs list. 

The above steps would remain the same no matter from where you are accessing LinkedIn, from a PC or a smartphone. If you are new to LinkedIn and have been using it for a few days, you mustn’t send your resume to every company that’s announcing a vacancy.

Jobs on LinkedIn

Also, remember certain points while you apply for any job on LinkedIn. Set your priorities. Respond to the offers you get according to your preferences. Some vacancies are short-lived and get closed soon. If you don’t want to miss the opportunities, apply to the jobs you are most interested in.

Who knows! The vacancy might get filled and no further recruitment would occur. Another useful feature of LinkedIn is that it allows you to check the number of responses a vacancy has received so far. So, in case you notice a vacancy having already more than 100 responses from other candidates don’t compete for that job. How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn? See below.

With increasing competition among students, they are facing a tough time while looking for regular jobs. To help them out, LinkedIn has emerged to be a reliable and safe platform for millions of people. With its useful features, it has enabled people to look for jobs and companies to hire fresh recruits online. So, what are you waiting for! Explore the opportunities, look for vacancies, save them and apply afterward. 

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