Thinking about how to find the word out on LinkedIn about an event you're hosting? Have you heard of LinkedIn Events?

In this post, we will learn how to use LinkedIn to promote online workshop, product launch, and person event.

How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 22

What is LinkedIn Event Feature?

This feature permits you to make an occasion on LinkedIn to share with your own network and wider audience. You are able to use LinkedIn Occasions for both in-person and online events. LinkedIn suggests you build your network by hosting or attending LinkedIn events and meeting your relations face to face.

If you're already hosting professional occasions, you need to try out this feature. Having the ability to include a URL to an external ticketing website and share the event with your personal network are great advantages. I've also used this feature to promote my network to register for paid online workshops.

Here are some Kinds of LinkedIn events you could make:

  • Networking events for your relations to meet face to face
  • Workshops--either in person or online
  • Product launches
  • Alumni meetups
  • Conferences or summits

LinkedIn is boosting Events as a professional events instrument so why don't you make a LinkedIn occasion for an offline collecting? I've been using LinkedIn occasions to sponsor a normal in-person breakfast and my college's past pupils' business breakfast.

What is LinkedIn Event Feature
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 23

You can produce a LinkedIn event from your own personal profile or business page. Listed below are a few points to Remember when creating your event as your page:

  • Any page admin can create the occasion as your webpage.
  • As a page admin, you can only invite your 1st-degree links to the event. If you've got multiple admins, every person can invite their own relations.
  • You can not invite followers of your page unless they are linked to one of their page admins via their private profile.

One of the benefits of creating the occasion on your webpage is that it permits you to bring in a third party. You can invite somebody external to develop into a page admin so they can handle your event for you.

When you make an event on your company page or share an event to your company page which you created from your profile, you have the chance to sponsor that article .

Now that you know the how LinkedIn events work, here's how to set up your own LinkedIn occasion.

1: Set Up Your LinkedIn Event

On your home page, you'll discover an Events section from the left wing column. It will incorporate any events you have been encouraged to, in addition to ones you are hosting or have hosted in the past. At the time of writing, all your events will show up beneath this heading. You can't filter by new, existing, or previous events.

To make a LinkedIn event from the personal profile, click the + sign in the Events section.

Set Up Your LinkedIn Event
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 24

If you are creating the occasion from your organization page, click the Admin tab on your page and select Create an function.

organization page
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 25

Pro Tip: There's no"draft" attribute for LinkedIn events. When you get started creating your occasion, you'll have to finish it or leave it. So be sure that you have your images, copy, and ticketing link in hand before you get started.

Give Event Details

From the Create Event window, type in your event name and choose your event organizer. Be aware that once the event has been created, you can't change the event host or organizer function.

Fill in all the relevant details on your event including the location, venue, date, and time. The Location field is required even if your event is hosted on the internet. When I hosted an online workshop, I entered UK as the location.

It is also possible to upload a symbol (400 x 400 px) and banner image (1776 x 444 px). The logo will not appear in the Events listing in your own profile, however.

Give Event Details
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 26

Compose the event description to appeal to your intended audience. Make sure that you @mention any speakers.

Drag the icon in the lower-right corner to enlarge it manually.

intended audience
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 27

LinkedIn enables you to add a link to an external website for ticketing. If you are selling tickets to your event, add a link to your paid tickets. Unlike Facebook occasions, ticketing isn't an automatic integration.

Link to an External Ticketing Website
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 28

If you invite someone into your event, make it clear when it is ticketed. Your invitees may accept an invitation rather than be aware that they will need to purchase a ticket.

You will probably find a good deal of attendees that accepted the invitation but have not bought a ticket. If you're hosting a paid webinar as your occasion, contact attendees to allow them to understand how to purchase their place.

Config LinkedIn Event Privacy Preferences

You are able to set up LinkedIn events as private or public. If your event is public, everyone can opt to attend. When it's private, only invited guests or people who have the link to the event can see it and attend. Uninvited guests need to be approved before they can attend. If your event is personal, you'll be notified if a person is marked as'pending' to be admitted into your event.

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Note that the privacy of this event can't be changed as soon as you've set it.

Config LinkedIn Event Privacy Preferences
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 29

When you are finished filling out the particulars of your event, click the Create button to print it. Your event page will look similar to this:

particulars of your event
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 30

2: Boost Your LinkedIn Event For Your LinkedIn Network

Now that you've established your event, what's next? Events are not now caked on LinkedIn so you'll have to do a little bit of work to advertise your event.

The articles you publish from the event feed is only going to be seen by confirmed attendees so think about sharing articles regarding the event on your personal profile and business page to get more visibility.

In your event page, you'll see two ways to encourage people to attend to your event:

Boost Your LinkedIn Event For Your LinkedIn Network
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 31

Invite Your Connections to the Event

When you click on the Invite button, then a pop-up box appears with a list of all of your network relations . LinkedIn doesn't offer an"Invite All" option so you will need to select people individually.

If you have a large community, there are a couple of Methods to narrow this list:

  • Utilize the search box to locate specific members of your system by name.
  • Filter your relations by location, business, college, and industry.
Invite Your Connections to the Event
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 32

If you are creating an in-house team, you can choose one of the choices listed under Industries or add your own industry.

choices listed under Industries
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 33

Once you've selected the connections you wish to invitation, simply click Invite to send the invitations. Presently, there's no choice to add a note to your invitation.

Once someone accepts your invitation, they'll have the ability to see all of the additional attendees. Attendees can join and network with each other prior to the function.

Share the Event With Your Network

To discuss the occasion with your LinkedIn connections, click the Share button next to Allow Your Network Know About This Event on your event webpage. A pop-up box may appear with a draft message which includes your domain. Customize this message for your audience and voice.

Also add three important hashtags your perfect audience will be following on LinkedIn.

Share the Event With Your Network
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 34

Tip: Click the Share button onto your event page to promote your event beyond only a post. You'll find choices to send an event link in a message to individuals in your network, copy the link to share in your publication or elsewhere on the web, or article regarding the occasion on Twitter or Facebook.

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copy the link to share
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 35

3: Engage and Connect With Your LinkedIn Event Attendees

To maintain your LinkedIn event top of thoughts and also invite individuals to show up to it, participate with attendees inside the event feed.

Once people start to accept your invitations, you will see a listing of attendees on your event page. Attendees show up on the right-hand side of the webpage. To manage and communicate with attendees, then click on See All.

Send Link Requests to Attendees Who Are Not On Your LinkedIn Network
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 36

The next screen will show details about each of the attendees in your event. You can send a message to attendees that are private relations. If a person has marked themselves as attending but is not yet on your community, send them a link request.

send them a link request
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 37

Share a Post to the LinkedIn Event Feed

Your LinkedIn event has its own feed so your overall network on LinkedIn won't observe any conversation within the occasion. When you post from the event feed, then the LinkedIn algorithm will choose which attendees will even see your article in their personal feed.

Start creating content within the event to build interest. Explain what's going to happen in the event, label any speakers you've encouraged, and welcome attendees.

Share a Post to the LinkedIn Event Feed
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 38

Invite attendees to article questions or present themselves in case feed. Much like the posts you share in your LinkedIn feed, you may add images, video, and documents to your posts inside the event.

Pro Suggestion : If you're have guest speakers in your event, invite them to post from the event feed.

As the event planner, you will receive a notification when someone posts in your event feed.

receive a notification
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 39

4: Edit or Change Event Details

As soon as you've created your LinkedIn occasion, you are able to edit, cancel, or delete it. To find these options, click the Edit button under your banner image.

Edit or Change Event Details
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 40

If you choose Edit Event in the drop-down menu, you can edit the date, time, or location of the event.

In the event you cancel your event, it is going to stay recorded on LinkedIn.

stay recorded on LinkedIn
How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online Events 41


LinkedIn started a rollout of the newest version in late 2021. If you frequently host events both on- and offline, you'll find the Events feature a fantastic tool to use along with other event management applications.

To encourage people to register and attend, talk about the case on LinkedIn and your other societal programs and invite people from the LinkedIn network. And be sure to create engaging posts inside your event to build interest.

What do you think? Will you attempt LinkedIn Occasions for your company? Share your thoughts in the comments below.