If you want to know what is that one thing that can elevate your professional role on LinkedIn, then without a doubt, it is the use of hashtags!

But, you might be wondering how to use hashtags on LinkedIn? How do hashtags help one in knowing about the various recruiters and influence people to visit your profile? Well, the algorithm of LinkedIn works in ways you might not find the answers to. But we are here to assist you in finding these answers and help you understand the site a little better. 

You know about the hashtags that are used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. LinkedIn hashtags are something similar to these hashtags. Is using hashtags considered professional? The answer to this question is yes! Hashtags can be professional and are used by almost all the top organizations and brands on LinkedIn.

Not just hashtags will help you reach a broader audience in a matter of hours, your content being sold across the globe. All of these things now make sense. Doesn’t it?    

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn?

   You shouldn’t indulge in hashtags on a fluke. You need to know about them and when and when not to use them. That will differentiate you between a professional and a private person. To understand how to use hashtags on LinkedIn? You need first to understand why hashtags and used and the history of hashtags.

Why are hashtags used? 

Hashtags are very similar and are used across various platforms online to categorize the contents across multiple platforms. Hashtags help the users to find the content online and help them to find a certain content on a specific topic.

In the same way, as you use hashtags in various other platforms, you can consider how to use hashtags on LinkedIn? 

This will help you connect to people who are not following you as well and also helps you in reaching a wider audience through the use of hashtags. Just like any other online platform, you can follow the hashtags on LinkedIn and you will be able to find the posts related to this.

From a recruiter’s point of view or a marketing point of view, this will help your account to reach and communicate with a wider audience. 

Where can I use these hashtags? 

Hashtags can be added to your profile and to your content as well. If a recruiter is looking for fresher’s he might search it using the hashtag and search your profile. how to use hashtags on LinkedIn? 

Not only this, even when it comes to content when you add hashtag, it helps your content to reach a wider audience than the usual and also helps you to build connections that can be noticed by the recruiters. This doesn’t mean that you can add any hashtag to your content.    

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn?

 You need to make sure that the content or the hashtag that you use in your account is relevant, and it will help you get discovered by many people.

Hashtags helps in increasing likes and engagement and if you don’t have such well-build profile you can take help from social media agencies to buy likes and followers. You need to make sure that you follow certain hashtags and join the topic of conversation. This will help you know the usage of hashtags in social gatherings. 

How to add hashtags to your posts? 

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn requires you to know Once you have written a post on your page regarding a particular content. Then you need to look for relevant and popular hashtags that are in place.

Once you have followed the different hashtags that are used by almost most people, you can add that hashtag to your post. Simple as it sounds. 

You don’t have to add many different hashtags like that of Instagram. Keep it minimal and notice the difference in the number of connections that you make almost instantly. Try it yourself.