LinkedIn profile is more than a job portal, as it serves impression with potential clients. The marketing professionals, business owners, and salespeople do have a misunderstanding about the LinkedIn social platform. They assume it only for a resume and a portal for job seekers. If you want to know how to tag someone on LinkedIn, we can help you out here.

You can post on your homepage and tag people along as well. Mentioning people in your posts is known as tagging a person on your post. It makes a connection between the people you tag in your post and the comments.

Our system: How to tag someone on Linkedin?

One can also navigate other's profiles by clicking on the other person’s name or with a connection that will lead to their profiles. LinkedIn posts are like any other social media platform posts, where you can make contacts, tag people, comment, delete posts, and a ton of applications for job positions.

how to tag someone on LinkedIn
How to tag someone on Linkedin outlet? 4

If you are a user of LinkedIn, you must know that it is quite frustrating talking over this web page. Now, it is time to let your posts reach out to your known people without being all alone. The user experience is improving with time at LinkedIn, but we can help you learn how to tag someone on LinkedIn for a better experience.

You need to have patience when you want to tag a person on your post. It is not possible every time to tag someone quickly even if you are connected with them on LinkedIn. You may follow the following steps to tag someone on your post on LinkedIn.

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  • Visit the homepage of your LinkedIn website
  • Click on the option for sharing
  • You can share a video, article, photos, or ideas
  • Click on some other person’s comments section
  • Comment on someone’s post
  • Type @ along with the person’s name you want to tag in the box
  • A list of people’s name will pop out 
  • You can tag the number of people you want to mention in your post
  • Continue to type your message

Learning how to tag someone on LinkedIn makes it easier to let the other person know that you have mentioned them in your post. You can mention a member of LinkedIn or your known people for many reasons. It is not necessary to highlight everything though. But people tend to acknowledge something or thank somebody or wish on occasions.

Tagging people or your connections encourages others to be a part of your posts. The comments also make your connection’s attention drawn to you. The updates of your posts will be relevant for the tagged people. You should take note that the tagged people should be associated with your LinkedIn profile.

how to tag someone on LinkedIn
How to tag someone on Linkedin outlet? 5

Moreover, you can also remove the people you tagged in your post. If you want to remove someone, you are free to do so. There are some important points that you need to remember while tagging. Tagging someone on LinkedIn is not always advisable to tag along with people in your posts.

You can follow the remembrance below:

  • It is not necessarily important that the LinkedIn members are your connections
  • The tagging option is not available for the published articles on LinkedIn
  • If you are publishing an article, you are free to tag a person on the article
  • You may also edit your posts and comments

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