By talking to any recruiter, you will get to know that there are two types of job seekers out there. In this article, you can know how to show promotion on LinkedIn. Some are called active job seekers and they are searching for jobs or trying to change their previous job. And then others are passive job seekers, they don’t even see themselves as potential job candidates because they are already busy doing one.

But smart recruiters know how to get the right candidates. By offering the right job with high pay, anyone can be lured away from their present job. LinkedIn is a huge platform and can sometimes get a little complicated, but through some organic ways you can buy LinkedIn followers and start off your professional journey.

how to show promotion on LinkedIn
Know How to Show Promotion On LinkedIn 4

Recruiters say that for higher position jobs, candidates are usually passive ones. Whether you are an active candidate or a passive one, having a social media account can be beneficial to you. With a good resume, you can be approached by the best recruiter and with a bad resume, you can be overlooked. So do everything precisely. Finding the right job for yourself is in your hand. With the right profile, your job can be just a click away. 

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Why do you need to have a LinkedIn profile?

When it comes to your professional life or career, having a LinkedIn account is a must thing. It is important to have a social media presence, but your professional life should go hand in hand with your social life. If it is about professional social media accounts, LinkedIn is a gold standard. This is where recruiters go to look for you. You can even add a link to your LinkedIn account on a cover letter or a digital resume. It saves the recruiter’s time and also ensures that they are looking at the right profile. 

how to show promotion on LinkedIn
Know How to Show Promotion On LinkedIn 5

LinkedIn is a great platform to find jobs. It connects you to the people you know in a certain position. This can help you find a job reference that can make a difference in your career. Updating your LinkedIn profile can be hard. Most people find it difficult to update their LinkedIn profiles. You can add a promotion on LinkedIn easily in just a few simple steps. Before you learn how to show promotion on LinkedIn, you need to learn to add promotion. 

Learn how to show promotion on LinkedIn

1. login into your LinkedIn account. 

2. Click on the “me” icon present in the top toolbar.

3. Click on the view profile icon.

4. search for the experience section.

5. click on the + sign that you will see in the upper right-hand corner. 

6. You can enter your title and enter into the employer section. 

7. After that you can decide if you want to end your present position. 

8. You can make it public by toggling overshare with the network. 

9. Click on save and you are good to go.

How to Show Promotion On LinkedIn-?

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Updating your profile on LinkedIn is not the only way you can show promotion. In your LinkedIn profile, you will see a featured box that helps you in sharing your information. In this way, you can show information about your promotion on LinkedIn. Here are some ways through which you can know how to show promotion on LinkedIn.

1. Posts- by creating a short post about announcing your promotion. It is a trick that always works. 

2. Links- if you have some of your works announcing your work through a link on LinkedIn, you can start sharing it. Take advantage of the work. 

3. Media- add a link to stuff like a newsletter, you can share it on your LinkedIn page. 

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