Some of you must have to join LinkedIn and access something. If you don’t know how to post them the right way then this article will help you know how to post on LinkedIn. If you post on LinkedIn it is the best way to reach a specific audience. Knowing the right way, how to post on LinkedIn can bring the most value to your career. 

how to post on LinkedIn

Why should you post on LinkedIn in the first place?

Before knowing how should you post, one should know why it is essential to post on LinkedIn. Posting on LinkedIn more often will help you get closer to your connections. Sometimes most of your revenue will come directly or indirectly through your LinkedIn connections. It is a platform that has the biggest impact on your career and business profiles. You can get the best advice and can also get connected to a decision-maker. It is the best platform where you can get connected to various peoples from different backgrounds who also worked on the same path. 

How to post on LinkedIn?

Now let us dive into the question directly. Posts on LinkedIn can be done in various ways and various forms. 

Text-based post: LinkedIn has allowed writing up to 3000 characters in a text-based post. You have to click on the start a post option that will be displayed on your homepage. There you can feel free and write all that you want. But as it is 3000 characters, make sure to proofread and spell check your long paragraphs.

If there are any errors it can have any impact on your post. One of the best ways to write it properly is to check it on Grammarly and then copy-paste the whole thing in your post section. If you want you can also use hashtags for your post so that you can get connected to the right people. Make sure to use hashtags at the end not in between to give a better reading experience to your connections. 

Photo post on LinkedIn: apart from the normal text post you can also add pictures. The ideal image size that is used for Indian ports is 1200* 627 pixels. But make sure your posts on LinkedIn are always professional. So, use appropriate photos that have to be of high quality. The post should stay professional and the photo should be relevant to your post. After you have written the text post there you will get an option of inserting pictures click on that and then you can even browse or add photos from your desktop. 

Post On Linkedin

Video post on LinkedIn: videos of minimum size 75 KB and maximum size 5 GB can be easily inserted on LinkedIn posts. Video posts can be preferred as not many people post regularly on LinkedIn and this will give you the best opportunity to stand out. This will make your post more engaging. The minimum length of the video should be 3 seconds and the maximum can be 10 minutes. Try to add a video that is relevant to your post and try to keep it professional. After writing the next post related to the topic an option of inserting videos will be displayed. Then you can easily add the video from your computer. e

Try to post on LinkedIn more frequently to get more engagement in your posts. You can even buy likes for your post inorganically to have a better outcome. 

how to post on LinkedIn
How to Post on LinkedIn Effectively? 3


I hope this article on how to post on LinkedIn solves most of your queries regarding posting on LinkedIn. Make sure that the post is professional and make it more engaging. Many people will visit your profile and try to contact you after reading the post. Thank you for reading the article