Linkedin lets you contact the recruiter by sending a message. You must know that around ninety percent of the recruiters are on LinkedIn now and How To Message A Recruiter On Linkedin. By sending a professional mail or a message, you take a step forward in getting your desired job. The message must be in a formal tone and decent because it will be your first impression on the industry that you are trying to get in. You must know how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn.

how to message a recruiter on linkedin

Linkedin have a network of so many people that your chances of hiring get increased if you initiate the conversation yourself. You can look for some advertisement in the newspaper or LinkedIn itself and message the recruiter.

You can also work on increasing the followers on LinkedIn to give your profile a nice image in the industry's eyes. You can buy followers of LinkedIn and use it as a means to showcase that you have a huge network of people. 

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Who Can You Write Linkedin Messages To?

The first question in your mind can be who is the right person to message related to general queries or vacancy-related issues. Every company has so many employees that work in different departments and all of them are on LinkedIn mostly. You should know how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn and who to message to.

You will find different positions of people like a talent manager, recruiter, Director of people, human resource manager, hiring manager, and others. You can contact the desired personnel as per your queries.

How to connect with the recruiters?

Linkedin offers a great opportunity for people to contact the recruiters but for some people, this can be an exhausting task. They do not know how to message a recruiter on linkedin. This task takes a few simple steps and sets the right tone of the message. If you are successful in sending the right message, your chances of being hired are improved slightly. Let us look for the things that you should keep in mind when you are going to contact the recruiter.

  • Getting in Touch with the Right Person: If you want to know how to message a recruiter on LinkedIn, you must know how to find the right person first.
  • You can directly search for the industry you are looking for a job in or you can find some recruiters on the common LinkedIn groups too. Just make sure the person you are searching for is active in the company.
  • Research: If you want to stand out from everyone, you must do proper research of the industry and along with it the role or job responsibility you are going to ask for. Make sure you have studied everything well and then you compose a message for the recruiter.
  • Check if you are allowed to contact them on LinkedIn. Sometimes you cannot contact the recruiter directly, because they might have appointed some subordinates that handle the whole process of shortlisting the people for the job. So, if you are not allowed to contact them do not message them. It will give a wrong impression.
how to message a recruiter on linkedin

How Long Your Message Should Be?

When you are using the LinkedIn mail feature for messaging a recruiter, you should carefully look for the length of the message.

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Do not make it too long otherwise, it will be very difficult to find something catchy and keep it in mind. Make it short and crisp. Linkedin allows you to up to two hundred characters in the subject line. In the body, you can use up to nineteen hundred characters. But be careful with the length, having many characters does not mean you have to use them all.