How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn? See here.

LinkedIn was founded in California in the year 2003 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It has a total of 33 offices globally which include India, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and many more. LinkedIn has been around for quite some time and the company has been funded by some big investors. It is now valued at around $1 billion.

LinkedIn has been quite popular when it comes to professional social media. Since LinkedIn plays a very important role people need to make their profiles stand out. To make a profile stand out it is important to have endorsements on LinkedIn. The best way to get endorsements from people is to share endorsements with them. Read the article carefully to get a clear idea of how to endorse someone on LinkedIn.

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How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn
How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn? 4

Endorsement vs. Recommendation on LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn regularly, you should know that LinkedIn endorsement and recommendations are not the same things. Endorsements are basic skills that LinkedIn friends or connections can share. Recommendations are short notes from professionals which are given on previous projects or experiences.

What are the steps to follow?

  • If you are looking to endorse someone on LinkedIn here are the steps that you need to follow. 
  • The first thing that you need to do is to sign in to your account on LinkedIn and then click on My Network which is available on the top of the home page. Simply go to connections which is available on the next page and click on the name of the person whom you want to endorse.
  • Just go down and look for "Skill & Endorsements" where you will be able to see a list of skills from which you can choose what you want to endorse.
  • Users will then need to click on the (+) symbol which is blue and then choose the level of the skill they want to endorse. Users will have to choose from Good, Very good, or highly skilled.
  • If users want they can simply choose what relationship you have with the user by simply clicking on "select a relationship".
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Endorsements in LinkedIn are always helpful and it surely helps make the profile stand out. Make sure to use the Endorsement option because not a lot of people use this option on LinkedIn. Make sure you optimize your LinkedIn profile before you start endorsing people. The endorsements will look good only if all the other information in your profile is complete. Some of the key things that users need to complete are write a summary, add a tagline, and add a background cover image along with a profile picture and then focus on how to endorse someone on LinkedIn.

How to accept and How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn
How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn? 5

LinkedIn Endorsements are quite tricky when it comes to accept people from your connections. If someone endorses you on LinkedIn, the endorsement will not appear automatically on the profile. Users will have to accept LinkedIn endorsements before they appear on the profile. LinkedIn will surely send users a notification when someone sends an endorsement and users will have to simply accept and the endorsement will be visible on the profile.

If we are talking about professional social media platforms which are available worldwide, there is no bigger platform than LinkedIn at this point. LinkedIn helps employees get in touch with their employers. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it helps people stay in touch with all the latest news related to different industries all across the world. If you are endorsing someone for the first time make sure you start with endorsing your college friends on a course, skill, or degree you completed together. Endorsements surely look great with a complete LinkedIn profile. Hope this guide helps you know how to endorse someone on LinkedIn.

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