LinkedIn has a feature of endorsement in which your connections can come to your profile and endorse your skills. If someone has asked you for endorsement but you don't know how you can do it, this article about how to endorse on LinkedIn can be the best for you. Endorsement is the best way to increase the validity of your online resume. It is the best way to add a backup on your work experience by your colleagues. 

how to endorse on LinkedIn

How to do endorsement on LinkedIn? 

The skill endorsement you will get from your colleagues should be relevant to the abilities and the experiences you have. The skills in which you have excelled should come in the top section. You can change the position of the endorsement by clicking on the pencil button that is displayed. You can always ask for the endorsement in return by first doing the endorsement to your closest colleagues. You can increase your connections for this by buying followers inorganically also. 

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Another way to get the best endorsement is to remain active on LinkedIn. You can do so by constantly writing articles, commenting, and interacting with your connections. 

You can even write a personal message where you can ask for an endorsement. You also have to specify the project you have done with that person.

How to endorse on LinkedIn?

Now let me give you the answer to your question about how to endorse on LinkedIn. 

It has been found that giving an honest endorsement to your friends and colleagues is the best way to gain an endorsement. So you should always know how to give an endorsement in the right way. Just go through these points mentioned below and follow them step by step: 

Go to the person's profile whom you want to endorse. 

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Then scroll to the endorsement section. 

There you will see a plus sign beside the skills. Click on the Plus sign for the skills you want to endorse the user on. 

A form will pop up, fill in the details that are asked. Try to write an honest opinion and the connections you have with the person. You can always write their top skills first. 

That's it. Giving an endorsement is much simpler than recommendations. You just have to click on that endorsement button and your work will be done. After that, you can always ask for an endorsement in return. 

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Some tips you should keep in mind while asking for an how to endorse on LinkedIn?

Try to reach out to friends and colleagues whom you know very well and who can surely endorse you. Give them a gentle reminder about the project you have worked on with them. 

You can also ask them to share their thoughts in the form of endorsement about the contribution you have given to the projects. 

If you are asking them for endorsement in the first place, assure them that you will revert to them. This way you both will be enhancing your profiles. 

If you want to enhance the profile with about 99 plus endorsements, using LinkedIn automation is the best way. You can set everything on autopilot in which you have to create a messenger campaign. Then add the contacts to this campaign by clicking on my network on the left menu. There you will find an option to export mail all contact as CVS. Click on that and enter your email. 


Giving endorsement to people and asking them in return is the best way to increase your profile's reach. The recruiter will come to know about all the skills you have worked on and how you have helped others in doing the projects. All this will increase your chances of getting the opportunity. I hope this article about how to endorse on LinkedIn was helpful.