How To Cancel Premium LinkedIn? See below.

LinkedIn is a storehouse of professionals. Whether you are looking for a recruiter or you are looking for someone to hire, LinkedIn has all the professional solutions. Social media platforms have certainly become the most convenient platform to market one’s business but there is no platform like LinkedIn that allows you to connect with professionals. You should learn how to cancel premium LinkedIn if you no longer require premium features.

There may have come a time when you might have needed the premium features of the platform, but if you no longer need it, this guide will help you learn about the steps you should follow to cancel your premium subscription. 

how to cancel premium linkedin

LinkedIn is a platform that everyone has heard of. Almost everyone is aware that this platform specializes in connecting professionals.

Every professional who wants to connect with other professionals to either recruit or to be hired can use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best platform for professionals because the platform has every feature you need to take your business and skills forward.

You may be looking for someone to hire or you may be looking for someone to hire you.

No matter which side of this coin you belong to, LinkedIn is your best friend because it is the perfect platform for employers. 

Guide to cancel LinkedIn premium 

You have opted for the LinkedIn premium subscription to gain access to some features that may not be available in the regular LinkedIn platform.

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However, if you no longer need it, here is how to cancel premium Linkedin and cancel your premium subscription. 

how to cancel premium linkedin
  • Visit the official LinkedIn website through your web browser and open your profile. You will find an option called ‘Access My Premium’.
  • Click on the ‘Access My Premium’ from the drop down menu.
  • Following this, you will be displayed with several options and you have to click on the ‘Manage premium account’ option. 
  • Once you open this option, you can click on the ‘Cancel subscription’ option. Click ‘Continue’ to cancel your premium subscription. 

These are the simple steps you should know about cancelling your premium LinkedIn subscription. As can be seen, it is pretty easy and not time consuming at all. 

Lets see How To Cancel Premium LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular networking platform and as the years roll by, its popularity keeps increasing.

This has led to an increase in competition in the field and therefore, you must buckle up your skills and creativity and implement strategies to make your profile stand out.

Your profile is the most important thing in any social media platform.

In LinkedIn, your profile should be adept of a professional headline and a professional resume.

These two things give recruiters an idea about your skills and your qualifications which will enable them to select you as a prospect.

If they think your skills match what they are looking for, they will connect with you. 

If you want to learn about how to cancel premium LinkedIn using different devices, you can check this website to gain insight into the same. 

LinkedIn is a massively popular platform.

It is the best platform for recruiters and those looking to be recruited alike, the competition can be very high.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you put efforts in making your profile stand out.

As a person looking to be recruited, do not forget to mention your skills in your headline and do not forget to upload your resume.

As a recruiter, be clear and concise about the skills you are searching for.

These things should be extremely wary of in order to make your profile successful on this professional networking platform and to grow your career prospects as well. 

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