LinkedIn is a social network platform which gives services to students and job seekers to develop their career. It also focuses on professional networking from employers who want to post their job positions. This article contains the information about how to announce your new job on LinkedIn.

How to Announce your new job on LinkedIn?

Employers can post about job positions and internships in the job portal. If you have a query about how to announce your new job on the LinkedIn platform, we can help you out here. You have to create your own personal LinkedIn profile, on our social platform.

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You have to prepare your resume and post it on our LinkedIn. Now, you can search for jobs in the job portal and apply for them. To enhance your resume and reputation, you must keep posting updates. Do mention your skills and extracurricular activities that will increase your chances of getting hired.

how to announce your new job on LinkedIn
How to announce your new job on Linkedin Podium? 4

Changing jobs and finding your dream job is a blessing. You will be excited to work on your new role. It will be a series of new moments, environment, and workplace, and you'll join a new team. But, for your friends, family, your loved ones you need to let them know your job role.

Apart from them, you need to tell the other people on social media and your LinkedIn profile as well. To let them know about your new job, you have to learn how to announce your new job on the LinkedIn social network platform.

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It will also reflect your honor and responsibility towards your former colleagues and the company.

If you find difficulty in announcing the news, you can follow the below steps.

Steps for announcing the news

  • You have to change all your profiles
  • Pay respect and homage to your boss, colleagues, managers
  • Leave a thankful note for them
  • You can put up a post on your profile
  • Express your feelings

These can help you learn how to announce your new job on LinkedIn's social network site.

Do not take any step before you are confirmed about your new job position. After your plans are definitive, you can announce your new job on LinkedIn.

First, let your boss know that you are leaving the company and thank her for all the skills and knowledge you got with the firm.

Then, you can let your managers and colleagues know about it.

Thank them for all their support, and be kind enough to let them know you will be in contact with them. Leave them in a positive light.

In this way, you can set a good image that you are leaving on good terms. Acknowledge them for helping you with professional works and lending a helping hand to brighten your career. Try to put a good reflection of your personality and what you had learned from them.

Learn how to announce your new job on LinkedIn?

how to announce your new job on LinkedIn
How to announce your new job on Linkedin Podium? 5

Your post must carry the insights of you and your role in the former company. In the end, you may express your feelings and excitement about your new job. It will be about your plans for the new chapter in your life. Try talking a bit about your career and how proud you are to reach this position.

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