LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that there is no other professional networking platform like LinkedIn. It brings all the professionals together so that they can connect and help each other grow. Learning how to add resume to LinkedIn is significant since this is a platform where professionals will be checking out your profile. Do not think of this as your Instagram or Facebook page where random people check out your page randomly. In LinkedIn, every visitor you receive means business. You may be looking for a job and they may be looking for someone to hire or vice versa. Therefore, you should always put your best foot forward.

When it comes to the professional sphere, the first thing that instantly pops up in an individual’s mind is a resume. This is quite natural because your resume is the pathway through which an employer and a prospective candidate connects with one another and in the absence of a resume, the employer will not be able to learn about the skills of the person he or she is hiring and the candidate, on the other hand, may miss out on an opportunity. Therefore, a resume is vital in the industrial field. Since LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, it goes without saying that your resume should be present in your profile.

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how to add resume to linkedin
Learn How To Add Resume To LinkedIn 4

Your resume will have all the important information about your skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications. If you do not upload your resume in LinkedIn, it may be your loss since visitors will not be able to learn or gain an in-depth idea of the skills you are adept at. Therefore, building a clear, concise, and professional resume is important if you want your visitors to not just merely check out your profile but go up a notch and connect with you.

How to add resume to LinkedIn?

As a beginner, the functioning of LinkedIn may seem haywire to you like any other social media platform. You may have no idea how to use the interface and where to look for particular information or a set of features. As such, you may have no idea how to add resume to Linkedin and this is something imperative to make your profile grow and your success. Adding a resume to your LinkedIn profile is extremely easy and it is no big deal. Here are some tips you can follow for the same.

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how to add resume to linkedin
Learn How To Add Resume To LinkedIn 5
  • Firstly, go to your profile and click on the “Me” option in the drop-down menu. You will find it in the top right corner. Following this, you can click on the “View Profile” option.
  • On the right hand side of your profile, you will find a pencil icon. Click on this icon and edits will be enabled.
  • Move down to the option of “Media” where you will find the option called “Upload”.
  • Ensure that you have saved your resume in your computer or any other device you are using. Browse your files and choose the resume you have to upload.
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  • Click “open” and following this, add a professional name to your resume. Select “Apply” and save the file.

These are some simple steps you have to follow and these are the only steps you should know about how to add resume to linkedin following which, your resume will instantly be uploaded to your profile. You can check this website to learn more about creating a professional LinkedIn resume.

Do not forget that your resume is imperative to your LinkedIn profile because it will help recruiters know more about you and it will help them connect with you. If you do not upload a resume, you may be a victim of the loss of numerous golden opportunities. Therefore, keep these suggestions in mind.