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You need to know how to add certification to LinkedIn, as certain professions demand skills and certifications. Every user has to make a profile with their database on LinkedIn. The profile will define you and your qualifications for the job position. 

We specialize in increasing your growth, followers, and likes. LinkedIn is an American corporation for providing employment services to young minds. It works through internet services helping individuals to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

how to add certification to LinkedIn

By degrees

If you are looking for jobs, we can help you find a suitable job offer according to your qualification. Our services can be accessed from all electronic devices from your fingertip. You can also download our app on your device and easily access it without any difficulty.

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Here’s how to add certification to LinkedIn in your profile:

  • You have to open your LinkedIn profile on the LinkedIn app
  • Have your certifications handy
  • Add your certifications section to your profile
  • Scroll through your profile to the certification section
  • Click the editing icon 
  • Enter into the editing mode
  • Type in the certification field, the name of the certification
  • In the same certification field, enter the certificate authority
  • In the license field, you can enter the license number
  • Add the address of the website in the certification field
  • You can choose the year and month in the dates field
  • You may save it with the save button

The authority of the certification is under the trusted organization in a company. The company issued your certificate. They will give the guarantee over your abilities and knowledge. Adding your certificate, to the certification URL, will give more information on your certification.

The date’s field shows the expiry of your certification. If you find your certification has no end date, you can add a checkmark. The checkmark should be next to your certificate that does not expire your certification. You also have the option to delete your certification.

Authority of the certification

If you do not have the certification section, visit the contact information. In your profile itself, you can reach out to the contact information section. You can scroll up to this contact information column which will be at the top of your profile. You can click on the view more links, this will lead you to a list of sections that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

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It is very easy to learn how to add certification to LinkedIn. You have to follow the steps and you will reach your destination. By adding certification to your LinkedIn profile, you can gain many benefits. 

how to add certification to LinkedIn

It will also put you and your profile under the spotlight. Others can see your professional skills and development along with your qualifications. You can also add the clearances you earned, courses you have studied in your academic years, and license to this profile.

Most of the users usually add their certifications in the education column of their profiles. The education column is made to add degrees that you earned throughout your career. You must add your certificates, in the certification section only.

LinkedIn opportunities

LinkedIn is a web page that gives many opportunities to the users of LinkedIn. If you join a social media platform, you will find the competition very high. Your range may increase from applying for jobs to being an influence on marketers. To increase your followers and likes you may refer to buy some, which will help your career to grow. 

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