LinkedIn has become a powerful tool over the years as it has proven to be a great networking platform. Apart from finding jobs, talking to HRs, you can run your business on LinkedIn which can be surprising when you hear for the first time. The first thing you need to do is to create a company page LinkedIn if you are a brand or a business.

We live in a world today where all businesses are required to be available on all social media platforms. 

create a company page LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

It’s one of the largest networks for professionals to connect with others for a job, internship, or freelancing. While there are thousands of platforms available to kill time, this platform helps you to be productive and focus on your career development. It’s a place where a group of people comes together in the virtual world to learn, network, and share.

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What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

If you run a business you must have noticed the power of social media on your sales and revenue. The same holds for LinkedIn too. If your business is still not available on LinkedIn you need to create a company page LinkedIn right away. It’s a great platform where you can introduce the products or services that you offer, the advantages these provide, why your followers should buy the products or avail of the services, and customer conversions leading to your website. 

All you have to do as a business owner is create a company page LinkedIn and your brand awareness is multiplied ten times just because you have a profile and are active on LinkedIn.

It offers SEO benefits by making your business appear on top in Google search queries. This adds credibility to your business. Your online business is quintessential in running any kind of business. This shows that you run a serious professional business and is here to do more for society.

create a company page LinkedIn

How to create a company page LinkedIn?

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It’s a very simple process to create a company page LinkedIn. 

  1. Tap on the ‘Work’ icon of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click on ‘Create a Company Page’ and select the type of page that you want based on your business.
  3. Fill in all your details like the company name, profile details, company logo, etc. to make a stronger social media presence. 

Voila! You have created your LinkedIn page for your business successfully. 

Why do you need a LinkedIn business page?

It’s one of the easiest methods to promote the business you run. It can be products that you are selling or services you are offering or promoting your brand. Once you have successfully created your LinkedIn business page you also have the option to create a LinkedIn showcase page. You can drive sales to your products and services when you link your website to the page. 

If you are looking to increase your resources and recruit top talents, this can be done swiftly with one post. The potential candidates will reach out to you with their resumes and your process is made easier.

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You also have the option to share blog posts on your page to help your followers to learn more about the products you offer. Gaining LinkedIn followers, in the beginning, can be strenuous hence the best way to gain followers is by selecting the number of followers you need here.

You can choose from 100 to 7500 followers based on your budget and business requirements and it’ll be delivered within a few hours. This is one of the best ways to increase the credibility of your brand. This helps in gaining engagement on your posts and drives more traffic to your website instantly. All this is effortlessly possible and the only action you need to take is to create a company page on LinkedIn to not just bring followers to your account but to bring customers too.