We all know that how LinkedIn started off as a place for employment and evolved into a humongous networking platform. That’s just not it, it has become the third most popular social media network. Every second, two new professionals sign up for LinkedIn.

Marketing Practices
Best Marketing Practices of LinkedIn 5

However, the frequency and time spent on LinkedIn vary from firm to firm and individual to individual. This platform has gained its popularity in terms of boosting business. Nevertheless, it is complex to understand for newly joined professionals. Following are the best marketing practices you can adopt to gain the most out of LinkedIn efforts.

Optimize your Company LinkedIn Page:

Your company profile must look attractive since it is representing your firm as a whole. Add a professional image and logo. Your header image must be creative in terms of grabbing user’s attention at once.

Optimize your Company
Best Marketing Practices of LinkedIn 6

The first two sentences of your company’s profile must compel the user to click “see more information” button and make him/her familiar with the details; what your company is about, what it is offering, vision, mission etc.

Add Showcase Pages:

If your firm offers more than one service, use showcase pages to increase your reach and network. Since each offering targets a particular niche, you have to post your content as such so that it directly reaches your target audience.

If you don’t opt for it and stick to the main company’s page, the diversified content of each offering will pile up there and create ambiguity. It might make people leave in a snap. Therefore, showcases are mandatory for each offering targeting specific niches.

For example, Google has different showcase pages – AdWords for marketing professionals, Work for IT professionals and so on.

Post Content Directly Related to your Industry:

Avoid junk content – post information which is directly related to your industry. You can post the latest trends. For instance, if you have a software company, you can talk about the latest trends in the IT industry like which softwares firms prefer to use for the purpose of payroll management, CRM etc. You can make it more engaging by writing the articles containing phrases like “the future of” or “in the world” such as “What will be the future of IT industry in 5 years?”

Create native articles which involve “how-to” or “X ways to” in the title. For example, “7 ways for managers to groom themselves”, “How to become a successful leader” and so on.

Even LinkedIn itself recommends it. However, don’t make it look like a sale pitch. Make sure that your content is relatable, readable and accessible to the traffic you want to engage.

You should post other types of content too including e-books and blog posts. Enhance the attraction of your text-based content by adding creative pictures. Publish audios and videos as well to keep people interested.

Never Go “Stale”:

As we know, we need to keep our social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc consistently updated with our posts. If we don’t, we won’t get that many reacts and shares on our posts because of being less active. Same is the case here with LinkedIn. In order to get more connections, you have to be engaging at all time.

Post consistently. Engage with groups by reacting, commenting and asking people questions. Keep updating your company profile as you accomplish new things and let people know about your brand worth. Act in a humane manner with your connections – be friendly with them as if you’re trying to build your social circle.

This is the most interesting feature LinkedIn offers. You can opt for a variety of options like Sponsored InMail, Text Advertisements and Sponsored Updates. They help marketers target their audience effectively since these ads collect data of demographics which users provide to LinkedIn themselves. It is quite necessary to optimize your company page by using paid advertisements. They bring in the traffic and create awareness about your brand.

Designing Creative Ads:

To design a creative ad, some factors must be kept in mind. For example adding bright colors but not neons which may seem irritating and non-professional. Make sure you use clear images with less text and a good resolution. Pictures that seem busy might drive your audience away. Furthermore, writing a compelling copy may help your ad to perform well.

To achieve a desired click-through rate, make sure you write just the required amount of words. These words should give the user a clear idea of your ad and what value they are getting by clicking through. Avoid using vague words and sentences. As it’s your job to provide people with all the information about your company, something might slip away. This is why it is convenient to add a call to action (CTA) option in your advertisements. Whether your ad is just about a free trial, an eBook download or a coupon code, it is necessary to inform people why your advertisement is worth clicking and what value will they get by.

You will be overwhelmed while launching your first campaign on LinkedIn when you see the variety of advertising features it provides. You can add filters to your ad like specifying the location, job title or address. You can also directly target companies by adding their names if you need to be that specific. However, you should probably start with a wider web.

Use of Analytics:

A responsible digital marketer always measures the success of their marketing strategies with the help of analytics. This helps in forecasting essentially. This also help them understand what kind of content people like to see on the company profile.

Use of Analytics
Best Marketing Practices of LinkedIn 7

LinkedIn provides metrics in order to analyze your marketing efforts. These include visitor demographics, page views, unique visitors, impressions, engagements, clicks, followers acquired and audience. Besides, these analytics also calculate each post’s click-through rate and engagement rate. How cool is that?

Make the Best Out of your Employees:

Use your social media team to connect with your customers on a personal level to understand their needs. Let them know that you care about giving them the best product possible. Consistent interpersonal interactions will allow you to adapt your product with your customers’ changing needs and make them stay loyal to your company in the long run.

It would be wrong to say that only the social media team has to take responsibility to optimize your company profile. Encourage the other employees to participate too. This will make a healthy impression of your firm on the target audience.

Study What Other Companies are Doing:

Just keeping the company page optimized is not sufficient, a marketer has to look out for the competitors as well. How they are doing, what ways they are using to engage the traffic, latest trends in the industry etc. Facebook has a feature “Facebook Pages to Watch”. LinkedIn also introduced a feature “Companies to track” which is inspired by the former. It shows you the companies which have similar metrics.

Learn what’s working well for them and experiment with these ideas on your company profile to see if you get the same or better results. The ideal scenario is when you compare your profile with the other company which has same number of followers but higher engagement rate.

Right People, Right Connectivity:

Connections are the most essential part of LinkedIn. To make good connections, you have to tell the world what you’ve been doing. But more so, you need to let other people know that you care about what they are doing too. You have to maintain the balance between talking and listening. To get noticed, you have to strike up a healthy discussion by adding valuable comments on other profiles’ posts.

Right People Right Connectivity
Best Marketing Practices of LinkedIn 8

Sending connection requests randomly will make you look like a spammer or fake profile and people will hesitate from connecting with you. If you want to connect with a lead which is unfamiliar with you, let them know why you want to connect.

Industry Events:

As LinkedIn is the largest professional platform, it can also broadly help you with your events. Post an update about ongoing, past or upcoming events to keep up the conversations going. LinkedIn also has groups where you can publish and promote your events and gatherings. Update them about the whereabouts of your company’s event and you’re good to go. It can also provide you with event planners through those groups. It is a great way to uplift your company or brand’s image.

Benefits of LinkedIn Pulse:

Pulse is another feature of LinkedIn that allows in-depth targeting of audience. However, some marketers are uncertain about it. The Pulse posts get more shares within 48 hours. It also provides SEO benefits such as backlinks from LinkedIn. If your Pulse content shows up in search, it is considered highly valuable. Content tagging is another benefit Pulse provides. Your content is tagged for increased traffic for a long period, thus it will have lasting searchability.

Here’s how your article can resonate on Pulse: It should be under 1000 words, have creative images and great headlines. It should feature content about careers. That’s it!

Use of Buffer:

Marketers have to balance between what content to post and what time to post content. It is observed usually that content posted in the early morning tends to get high engagement. Buffer, another feature of LinkedIn, suggests that there is no best universal time to post content, rather a brand must focus on its own best time to post.

Here is how you can use this feature to find your best time to post on LinkedIn: Visit Buffer’s Analytics Section on your LinkedIn Profile. Click on the Posts tab. Then, click on “most popular” to sort you posts according to the engagement rate. With whichever preference you select to sort them i.e. likes, comments or clicks, you can notice the trends.

Use of Sprout:

You have to communicate and control all your LinkedIn connections in a personal and humane way which gives you more views on your posts and content. Sprout Social gives you LinkedIn management tools which allow to target specific audience with its Post Targeting features.

It also gives you a way to organize your LinkedIn content in a way that helps you reach your company goals whether you are a team of 3 or 200 people. With social media management on LinkedIn, you can transform your audience. It provides you with all the proper tools and techniques to build a social media community.

Additional Features:

A number of memberships, each accompanying its specific kind of features, are available on LinkedIn. For instance, there is a membership named as Business Solutions that gives you access to the Content Marketing Store. It also allows you to keep a check on your posts updates, interactions on groups, pages and so much more. LinkedIn gives you a detailed feedback on your marketing responses.

LinkedIn Groups:

Groups are the best possible way to connect with an audience who is ready to hear your thoughts and ideas. They don’t just act as a marketing tool but also provide you with opportunities for job seeking and professional development. All you need to know is how to run that group and make the best out of it.

Be very selective about joining a group as it is a huge step. In the beginning, your business might fit into a wide spectrum of groups which have big and appealing audiences. But don’t get carried away. Only join groups that suit the image of your company.

Use LinkedIn as Follow-up:

When you are done communicating with a potential lead or sale, ensure them that you reach out to them via LinkedIn. Send them a request on LinkedIn. When both are officially connected then you gain a powerful contact and it becomes easy for you to go through with the sale.


To sum it up, LinkedIn is an ideal place to develop and increase your online presence. It is a wholesome social media platform for marketers to promote their brand or company. Whatever your goal may be and whatever strategy you adopt; whether it is through paid advertisements or just publishing and promoting your blogs posts, there cannot be a better platform than LinkedIn to generate traffic, increase awareness among people and develop effective communication among users.