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Considering the fast pace at which business are turning towards social media for promoting their products and services, it is safe to say the social media has the biggest impact as compared to other marketing strategies. However, even today many companies still do not really know how to use LinkedIn for themselves and their marketing strategy, and companies that already use the LinkedIn platform do not benefit as much as they could.

Keep in mind that four out of ten LinkedIn users visit the platform every day – that is 40% of the total number of users. LinkedIn is also a great option for content marketers because the number of clicks to your website is higher than on any other social platform. That is why LinkedIn has also introduced a special feature – the Content Marketing Score. It is a great way to measure the effectiveness of paid and organic content used by the various marketers on the platform.

This way YOU can be successful with the right content on the platform! To increase your reach even more, you can buy more followers & likes for LinkedIn directly from us. Yes exactly, you can simply buy LinkedIn followers from us. Of course, you can also buy LinkedIn likes for single posts.


Buy real LinkedIn followers, Likes & Shares now Get better rankings for your business - buy followers for your business site, connections for your profile or likes for your posts.


Buy real LinkedIn followers, Likes & Shares now Get better rankings for your business - buy followers for your business site, connections for your profile or likes for your posts.


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How to get more LinkedIn likes

How to Increase LinkedIn Followers


LinkedIn Marketing is new territory for you? Or you have now realized that you did not pay enough attention to some important aspects and are now a bit perplexed how to approach the whole thing? Then we are at your disposal! There are numerous ways you can choose to increase your engagement on LinkedIn through increased followers, likes and share.  Galaxy Marketing has a top team of experienced marketers who are ready to help you with your LinkedIn Marketing!

Create a LinkedIn group

Before you create your profile, you must have in your mind what market or topic you want to dominate. As LinkedIn allows you to create specific groups, you have the chance to create a LinkedIn group where you can post related content and attract potential customers accordingly. Be sure to look for other users in your industry - but possibly also from other industries that could be useful for you and your company. After all, the main idea of LinkedIn is to build a solid network. Make sure that all sides benefit, because a good and sustainable network is worth its weight in gold!

Buy LinkedIn followers







Buy real LinkedIn followers and connections

Buy real LinkedIn followers and connections

Initially when LinkedIn came into existence, it was merely a platform used by experts and professionals for networking and finding career opportunities. The most important goal was to climb the career ladder, find new jobs, offer consulting, and build valuable contacts. LinkedIn was and is ideal for bringing people from the same industry together and exchanging ideas.

In the course of time, more and more businesspeople discovered that LinkedIn is also an excellent way to present and market your company, products, and services on the platform. Yes, buying LinkedIn followers can increase your authority and exposure. Many companies succeed on LinkedIn by sharing their content with potential customers. The idea here is to lead the users of LinkedIn to their own website through a link and hopefully generate sales there.

Become a LinkedIn Influencer

A good strategy is to find social influencers on LinkedIn and exchange ideas with them. They can be a great way to help you promote your brand or business. After all, you want to reach as many potential customers as possible by using the LinkedIn platform - and what better way to do that than to attract influencers who are typically followed by hundreds of thousands of people? A network of influencers will certainly help you to reach a whole new level of product promotion!
Becoming an influencer is not as difficult as it seems, you need to realise what your customers are demanding for. Simply refer to your comments section and communicate with your visitors through responding to their questions and asking them what they would like. Moreover, you can look up what your competitors are doing and initiate new and old trends.

LinkedIn more reach

LinkedIn was specifically designed - unlike the usual social media platforms - to share high-quality, detailed, and in-depth content in the form of professional articles, infographics, presentations, and video content. This gives content marketers an excellent opportunity to publish content that is not possible elsewhere. When evaluating efforts, the so-called Content Marketing Score helps to assess the performance of the content and to keep an eye on it on the platform.
Another LinkedIn feature that is useful for companies that want to publish content using LinkedIn is LinkedIn Pulse. With this useful tool you can send notifications and personalized news feeds to your target audience and make them aware of your new content. It also helps you see who is reading your posts and which topics are at the top of your hit list. An incredibly useful tool to constantly develop and adapt your LinkedIn marketing strategy


As soon as you share good mail on your company site, the likelihood of many readers visiting your site increases. The traffic and activity on your website will have a positive effect on your search engine optimization. Ensure that the content you are posting is of high quality and distinct from what your competitors are posting. Linking your content to your company website can also help you increase your CTR which can further help you in monetization of your content.
Of course, your website should be attractive and always up to date, because that's where the visitor attracted by LinkedIn learns more about you, your company, your products or services. Your motive should be making your SEO appear on the top ranking if you want to be found by potential customers as soon as they search any related to products and services you offer. Getting noticed by potential buyers ultimately means increasing sales, positioning your brand and your company, and making a real impact.

Gesteigertes Ranking 99%
Mehr Follower 91%
Virale Posts 96%
Werde bekannt auf Linkedin 90%

Last modification: January 2, 2021