LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media apps for personal and professional interactions and networking in last couple of years. Especially due to the work-from-home situation these days, leading businessmen, professionals, work geeks and vibrant individuals turned to LinkedIn to stay connected with their colleagues.


LinkedIn users, who are representative of influential, affluent and highly educated people worldwide, are also hard to please when it comes to content marketing. Therefore, to assist you in getting your content right before the eyes of approximately 530 million professionals on LinkedIn, we have created a great LinkedIn content marketing strategic guide.

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4 Strategies that Actually Help You Create Good LinkedIn Content 23

If you incorporate this tactical plan into your LinkedIn content creation routine, not only will you successfully achieve an edge over the competition, but you will also attract newer prospects. These four tactics are made to help you in carrying out an integrated content marketing approach.

So let’s get into knowing the tactics without any further ado.

1. Optimize the LinkedIn Showcase Page to its full potential

For businesses, LinkedIn is the largest networking site right now. But when it comes to B2B centralization, it is often overlooked. It’s because most of the users are using it for a relatively very small reason, i.e. for job hunts and building PR. But according to recent reports in 2022, almost 94% of businesses now prefer to have a more solid presence on LinkedIn, especially B2B businesses.

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If you are someone who wants to please the highly experienced and professional user base that may also include your potential clients, here’s what you need to do.

First things first, like any other social media website, LinkedIn also provides you the option of optimizing and creating a fantastic first look for your brand. Your company’s profile or page has to stand out in order to catch the eye of visitors and turn them into potential prospects. A showcase page emphasizes more on the brand’s Unique Selling Point or main specialty. It can be a product, service, niche, brand, and product line or customer segment.

This page plays a vital part in enhancing your brand’s awareness, leadership and supports in lead generation. Consider posts with CTAs (Call to Actions), long and short articles, case studies, e-books, white paper, and press releases. These work the best on LinkedIn. All of these things, when combined, help you in achieving the target engagement on LinkedIn. It also enhances brand awareness, visibility, recall and value.

Good and attractive content automatically turns a visitor into a prospect and eventually a customer. Lead generation is highly dependable on this. No one will waste time in writing a long message or email to you. However, they’ll love to see a quick Call to Action or chat bot in order to get their queries answered in real time.

2. Reveal and utilize Slideshare’s potential

Slideshare is an amazing app to increase the efficacy of your brand’s social media presence. However, it is often ignored as a content generating platform by many businesses. It is actually a very effective tool that allows you to create PowerPoint presentations, conduct webinar recording sessions, publish company videos and share infographics. It can do wonders for the growth of any business. This platform can help in building brand awareness and thought leadership. It can enhance your and generates leads as well. It’s time to take action and use Slideshare!

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4 Strategies that Actually Help You Create Good LinkedIn Content 25

Achieving the above mentioned objectives depends upon certain crucial pinpoints. While creating content via Slideshare for LinkedIn, it is important to keep every related term in mind. Starting from catchy headlines and titles to alt texts for the images. First of all, your content has to be valuable. Next, it should be enriched with supporting meta-descriptions, hyperlinks, backlinks, tags, alt texts and keywords. 

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3. Let Direct and Sponsored Content do its magic

Before diving into details, let’s get to know what the difference between sponsored and direct sponsored content is:

Sponsored Content is referred to the content which is directly meant for a specific target audience segment which is not yet a part of your company page’s followers

There is another type of content is called Direct Sponsored Content. This basically includes sponsored direct messages and posts as well. It makes you aim at specific target audience. The main advantage of this content is that it does not require creation of new posts. This is usually done in messages.

These strategies are not just extraordinary for increasing brand’s reach and value, they are also beneficial for lead generation. This is fundamentally because they influence the content sharing that happens normally via web-based networking media and along these lines LinkedIn also.  

The above strategies used for content creation incorporate new or fruitful blog entries, contextual analyses, online classes, organization news, and future plans. Start by making convincing visuals. Visuals can be a simple method to make your substance stand apart from the rest. Simply follow LinkedIn’s rules with regards to picture size & keep your pictures around 1200 x 627 pixels.

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 In addition, make a certain schedule to post between two to four times each week per month, and consistently monitor, test and change it. It would be smart to utilize URL following codes to screen clicks, site visits, and conversion rates to perceive what drives the greatest value for your money.

4. Use LinkedIn’s publishing feature

While this may appear to be an easy decision regarding a balanced content sharing system, it is frequently a strategy that is totally ignored.  By saying this, we don’t mean that LinkedIn can be treated like your personal blog. The substance you post here ought to be precise and sharp. Utilize your long periods of experience, your triumphs and your disappointments and make pieces your crowd can identify with and gain from.

gain from
4 Strategies that Actually Help You Create Good LinkedIn Content 27

These posts are fascinating and can considerably support thought authority and validity inside your industry. Yet it isn’t something that is to be done over your usual content. Posts such as this, possibly once per month, consistently connect back to your identity and keep prospects aware & updated.


LinkedIn is a great place to grow your business, but standing out can be a tiring and long process. With effective tactics and organic marketing, it can be well achieved. Sponsoring every now and then helps the content in generating more leads and attracting new buyers or prospects.

Our 4 cleverly put together tactics mentioned in this article are bound to help you in achieving business success on LinkedIn. However, this is only possible if you remain consistent and true to your brand’s identity. And yes, no shortcuts!