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LinkedIn is a globally recognized social network for professionals. This is the social network you go to if you want to expand your horizons and become acknowledged for the work that you do. As on any other social network, you want to ensure that there are actual people who see and care about the content that you are posting. Without people paying attention to your content, you will not be able to expand your business or grow as a professional.

Ways to Increase your LinkedIn Following

Any and all professionals on LinkedIn try their absolute best to gain more followers and the grow their profiles. The more people know about your page, company and the content you offer, the more growth and success you’ll have. However, most people struggle to grow their LinkedIn pages and find the competition to be too much. Here are 10 ways that you can employ to grow your LinkedIn profile.

Add a LinkedIn Follow Button to Your Website

LinkedIn Follow Button
10 Ways for LinkedIn Growth 5

If you are serious about trying to grow professionally and gain exposure, chances are that you have already set up a website for this purpose. While the website is great for promoting what you stand for as well, it is crucial not to forget to link it to your LinkedIn profile as well. Upon looking at the link to your professional page on your website, users will think that you mean business and will therefore take you more seriously. 

The reality of the matter is that just posting content, even if it is quite exceptional, is most likely not going to get you the kind of growth you desire. Therefore, one must consider getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse.  Once you believe that you have succeeded in posting extraordinary content, reach out to LinkedIn’s editorial team on Twitter and ask them to consider your content.

Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Making use of LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is a great way to promote yourself, your business, ideas and what you stand for. The platform gives you a plethora of multi-media options to include in your article.  Some platforms only support certain types or formats of pictures, but when it comes to LinkedIn’s Publisher Platform, users will be pleased to know that it supports JPG and PNG images as well as static GIFs.

Ask Your Employees to Join LinkedIn

Join LinkedIn
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Your employees’ presence on LinkedIn can be greatly beneficial for your company.  Once they do this, their profiles become ‘extensions’ almost, of the company’s profile. This is because not only do they become followers of the company’s page once they include the company’s name, but they help reach to a wider audience as their followers also get to know of the company.


You must know how to go about making posts: what content to post, how often to post it, what to talk about and you also need to focus on how much you interact with other on LinkedIn. You cannot post one article once every two weeks and post content that is completely unrelated from your identity on the social network. Post regularly and commit to discussions on the content you have posted or related content.

Post about what you Believe in

This is the main way people will realize that you are truly invested in the work that you are doing and that you truly care about what you claim to stand for. It is important to write and post content about the things that actually matter to you. In the long run, it is always far easier to dedicate yourself to the topics you care about as opposed to the topics you have to have discussions for, reluctantly.

Don’t Forget the Other Social Networks

You mustn’t focus on getting more followers on your LinkedIn profile through LinkedIn alone. One social network in itself is most likely not going to be enough to get you the exposure that you need.  There are people out there who do not use LinkedIn much but spend quite a lot of time on other social networks. To ensure that these people know of you or your company, you have to reach out to them on the platform that they choose to use more frequently and let them know of your LinkedIn profile.


While you are trying to grow your LinkedIn profile, there are others who have done it to a greater extent than you for reasons like starting earlier. Keep up with the content they post too, as long as it is relevant to yours and, without blatantly self-promoting, let their audience know about you as well. You can eventually go on to collaborate with them as well.

Create Multiple Profiles

This is a step to be taken once you’ve already gained a significant number of followers on your main page. If you offer different sorts of services and post different sorts of content, you might find that many people prefer one type of content over the other. Keep your main page where you post about the work that you do and also divide different aspects of your work into different profiles dedicated to only certain types of posts. This will ensure that you satisfy all your followers.


The truth of the matter is that there will be times, perhaps even long periods of time, where your page’s growth rate will be far from what you were aiming for. You might be doing everything right and might be confused. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to keep going. Everyone faces this nasty period of time during their career. Those who still succeed however, are the ones that don’t give up.


There are many different ways that you can go about to grow your LinkedIn page. With the digital aspects of our life being an integral part in the way we do things, it is a must not to neglect them. The ways that we have given you to grow your LinkedIn page, when coupled with your effort, are sure to give you the kind of results that you want.