Twitter, being the most prominent and authentic place to find the current affair trends remains a center of attention of almost every professional, media-house, firm and politician. This makes it the most reliable and important place to market your product or idea. Twitter has done wonders for professionals and has acted as air under the wings of numerous brands.

Even though Twitter stands as one of the easiest websites to use for professional conduct, it still demands a proactive strategy to develop before jumping on to it. It’s important to market your product to the maximum possible people and to get in touch with the right individuals, and for that you need a right profile with well-sourced content along with a large number of followers.

Many professionals and expert argue that having large number of followers doesn’t matter if your followers are unworthy and lack quality, but there is no point of having just 200 followers and expecting your tweet to get results. It is important to realize that these two go hand in hand. Having quality tweets is as important as having a healthy number of followers for a constructive and worthy result. Professionals find it hard to get a solid number of followers on their Twitter account and fall for scam software like 1000 followers in just one day.These software mostly comprise of fake Twitter accounts and are not recommended to be used.

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Twitter Followers
Perché è importante avere più follower su Twitter? 7

For Your Business

If you are a business owner and looking for a convenient online marketing platform for your business then trust me, there is no better forum than Twitter. Twitter is full of professionals, market strategists, business owners and brand icons. It is important to seek attention of such people along with the general public for the promotion of your brand. For landing more clients and potential customers, it is mandatory to have traffic at your platform. Similarly, having large number of followers is important to be able to land more and more customers and clients through Twitter.

Rapid Feedback

If you have an organic large reach on your Twitter, it will enhance your relations with your customers and followers. All your tweets will reach a massive audience and get a quick reaction which may result in criticism in many cases, but will also be able to get you the right feedback and constructive criticism that can be healthy for you and your business.

Perché è importante avere più follower su Twitter? 8

Sharing Ideas

Ideas need to be spoken out. Everyone wants their idea to be heard and appreciated but not many people can get the feedback and response on their ideas once they make it public. If you have a substantial Twitter following, then Twitter might be a great platform for you to share your idea. Your wide Twitter audience will get your idea the exposure and reaction it needs and who knows, if your idea is concrete and effective, you might be able to get attention of potential investors and business owners. This is a perfect example of how quality tweets and quantity followers go hand in hand.

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Sharing Ideas
Perché è importante avere più follower su Twitter? 9

SEO On Your Side

You certainly want to see your Twitter account and tweets popping up on a search engine result. Having large number of Twitter audience is the only source of optimizing the search engine in favor of your Twitter account. This is one feature that is not affected by the quality of your followers and tweets, no Twitter user has ever faced a drop in their rankings after increasing their Twitter followers.

The Google-Twitter partnership has helped the businesses and professionals a lot, but the inability of Google to determine whether a Twitter account has fake or real followers has led to a lack of trust on the search results.

Perché è importante avere più follower su Twitter? 10

Online Popularity

Believe it or not, Twitter can make you an online celebrity. Doesn’t matter the content you post or the profession you belong to, having a large number of Twitter followers can enhance your popularity on social media and other online platforms too. People like to follow popular social media figures and accounts and your Twitter account can be one of them.

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Effective and Free Online Marketing

There was a time brands and businesses use to spend a great fortune just for the sake of proper marketing of their products through advertisements, newspapers, magazines and websites etc. Forums like Twitter provide free online marketing and branding opportunity for business owners. Social media marketing team has now become an integral part of businesses. Twitter followers can be your audience increasing your brand’s reach, popularity and resulting in cost-effective yet effectual online marketing.

How many Twitter followers are enough?

No expert or Twitter guru can tell you an exact figure of how many Twitter followers you should have. It is more important to follow subtle hints and if your followers are gradually growing with your engagement and activity on Twitter, it means you are on the right track.

If you are a beginner on Twitter with a small fraction of followers, then the path you should take is to first gain the trust and attention of your present followers. This will build your trust and authority. Once you have the attention of your current audience, then you must start promoting your professional brand, business and products to reach a wider audience.

How many
Perché è importante avere più follower su Twitter? 11


Hence, if you are an experienced Twitter user working towards a strategy of marketing your personal brand or business on Twitter, then pay close attention to all the features of Twitter. Most importantly, make your followers/following numbers appealing. We hope this article has helped in establishing the importance of Twitter followers for your professional growth.