Do you have a Facebook business account? If not, then you might not have the leverage to take full advantage of your Instagram business account. If you already have a Facebook business account then knowing how to start an Instagram business is the next step in your ladder of success.

how to start an Instagram business

  • Download the App: You can only post content on Instagram using the Instagram app. So, to do anything on Instagram, you will first have to download the Instagram application of your smart device. You can download the Instagram app from the App Store or the Play Store. 
  • Create a Business Account Using an Email Address: We will recommend you to not link your personal Facebook account because then Instagram will create an account using your personal information. A business email address should be given utmost priority in this case. Your contacts can always find your work email address easily.
  • Work Your Way through Profile Basics and Select a Username: The next step is to create an Instagram username and password for your business account. We will recommend you to keep the username on the company or businesses’ claim, whatever is the best option. Whether you are a real estate agent or an insurance agent, choose the username based on the business name, location, and work. The information should be in such a way that it distinguishes your business Instagram account from your personal Instagram account. Also, Instagram usually generates a username itself. You can also choose a username from these prompts.
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How to Start an Instagram Business
  • Find your Friends on Contacts through the Facebook account linked to your Instagram: 
  • Instagram helps you find people to follow based on your Facebook contact list. But rather than focusing on adding contacts, you should focus on completing your Instagram business account details first. The suggestions keep on coming and aren’t something you would miss.
  • Pick an Eye-Catchy Profile Picture: Set the profile picture for your business account as the business or company’s logo. The profile picture should be such that it could be easily associated with your business or brand. Remember, you are setting up a business account and not a personal one. Avoid posting any group pictures or selfies as they could ruin the professional vibe. If you are the owner or face of your business, then use a professional headshot if you have it, or else you could get one. Once you have completed the process, you will notice some suggested Instagram accounts to follow. Don’t follow if you believe they won’t fit into your business strategy.
  • Complete Your Profile: You can click on the profile icon visible in the bottom right corner to check your profile on Instagram. Then, you can simply tap on the “Edit Profile” option. Here’s where you are going to complete all the information, from filling out the Instagram bio to the available contact information field. You can only use a clickable URL on Instagram with this feature. Your profile is the only place where a URL will work. The URL won’t work under Instagram posts, comments, etc. So, save yourself the pain.
  • Try Instagram Business Tools: You can click on the option, “Try Instagram Business Tools”. This feature will provide you all the necessary steps and instructions to help you complete the business Instagram profile set up. 
  • Link Your Facebook Business Page to Your Instagram: Remember, we talked about how a Facebook business page could help you use all the Instagram business tools just right? Instagram will ask you to link your business Facebook page or else help you create one yourself. Because Facebook owns Instagram now, there are a lot of beneficial tools that you can use on Instagram apart from Facebook.
  • Start Posting: Now, it is time for the best part of the process. Posting content that people find interesting. Focus on posting one or two pictures daily that will get you a more target audience.
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So, now that you know all about