Everyone in the group chat follows the same Instagram account. Your friends are talking about this person's recent Story, but you don't see it in the Stories tray or on their profile. Suspicious. Somebody sends a screenshot of the photo. "2h" is written at the top of the screen with many stories. Surprise! You've been hidden from someone's Instagram Stories.

Why would someone hide their Instagram story from you?

Here are some reasons why someone hides their Instagram story from you:

  • Because they don’t like you.
  • They are not interested in you.
  • The story they post contains private pictures they won’t share with you.
  • They want to avoid you.
  • It shows to only close friends.
  • If someone hides their story from you on Instagram, they are either trying to avoid an ex-lover or are too embarrassed by what they post.

If you want to find out if someone hides his Instagram story, you can also use the account of a mutual follower to see if that person has posted a new story that doesn't show up on your profile.

If you find a story like this that doesn't show up on your account but does on account of a mutual follower, you can be sure that you can't see it.

If you can't find the user's story in your Instagram story list, you can also search for the user's profile and see if they have posted a new story. If there is a maroon circle around the user's DP, it means that they have a new story.

How To Know If Someone Hide Their Story from You on Instagram

You can use the different methods below to find out if someone is hiding his Instagram story from you:

1. Suddenly Story will Disappear

Suppose you suddenly are unable to watch someone else's Instagram story. In that case, you may quickly determine whether that person has blocked your access to their story by selecting whether their story is suddenly not appearing to you.

  • If you know that a particular user often posts stories, and suddenly you can't see their story on your list of stories for days, it could be that the user has blocked your profile from seeing their Instagram story.
  • Instagram has a way for users to hide their stories from followers they don't want to see them.
  • Users of Instagram can hide their stories from people they don't want to see, like creepy people or people they don't like.
  • Instagram users are often very active when posting their stories, but if you haven't been able to see a story from an active user for a few days, the user has likely blocked your account from seeing their Instagram story.
  • Users can hide their stories from certain people by going to the Privacy section of the Instagram app and clicking on Story. On the next page, under the heading "Hide story from," users can choose the names of the people whose stories will be hidden.
  • If a user has added your profile name to the hidden list, you won't be able to see their upcoming stories until they take you off the list.
  • Active Instagram users post their stories often, but if you can't find or see them on Instagram for a few days, it may be because the user has hidden them from you.

When Instagram users post their stories, they often hide them from some or all users for privacy reasons. If you can't see someone's story for days, it may be because they are posting stories that you and a few other users can't see.

2. Seeing from Person’s other Followers

You can also find out if someone has hidden their Instagram story from you by looking at the story of a user you both follow on the profile of a user you both follow.

You must ask a mutual follower if you can use his account to look at the other person's story. If that user's new Instagram story shows up on the account of a mutual follower but not on yours, you can be sure that the user has hidden his Instagram stories from you.

  • You must find someone who follows the same Instagram user whose story you can't see. Since you both follow that person, you can ask him to check to see if that user has posted any stories or not. If new stories show up on his profile but not yours, it's because your account is on the list of accounts that can't be seen.
  • Even if you follow this user from a second account, you can sign in to that account and see if the user has posted a new story on Instagram. If you see new stories on your second account but not on your first, it's because the story is hidden from your first account.
  • People who follow each other on Instagram can see the same stories. But you won't be able to see it if the story is hidden from your profile and you're on the hidden list. But the users' mutual followers can see the stories if the user hasn't also hidden them.

So, the fastest way to find out if an Instagram story is hidden from you is to look at it from the profile of a follower you both have in common. If there are new stories on the profile of a mutual follower, but you don't see them, you know you're hidden from them. But if you don't see any new stories from that user, you know you aren't on the list of people who are hidden.

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