Top Instagrammers have begun geotagging their posts with "Singapore, Singapore" to make them go viral. They feel that setting the location of their Instagram accounts to Singapore makes it easier for their posts to be seen by more users and appear on the Explore tab. 

In this article, you know why everyone is tagging Singapore on Instagram.

Some hypothesized that by geotagging their posts with the location of Singapore, Instagram could more quickly rise to the top of users' feeds in certain Asian nations where the algorithmic feed has been slower to roll out, like Singapore. Although the "slow rollout" argument may not be accurate, Instagram's new algorithm-based feed was made available in April in Singapore.

Furthermore, it's important to note that none of these celebrities previously had a sizable Singaporean audience. They are attempting to reach American viewers with their feed-game tactics.

A verified Instagram user commented, "You keep Singapore up for 12 hours, then change it." "It is completely absurd and stupid, but it is effective. The "Singapore, Singapore" posts perform far better, though I'm not sure why or whether it's because it's become a meme. It is completely effective." Several well-known meme accounts favor Sentosa, Singapore, as opposed to the more prominent Singapore, Singapore.

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Some users claim that the Singapore tag only confuses followers

It's challenging to determine which older posts have received the enigmatic "Singapore boost" because most influencers and major accounts only leave the title up for about a day. Still, one thing is sure: The geotag results in more perplexing comments.

He was openly criticizing those who had used the hack." She spoke. "My buddies messaged me after I tried it and said, "This is not in Singapore." It was somewhat humiliating.

"But I believe it's wise to discover these gaps. They are not doing improperly or illegally."

Instagram did not respond to a message asking about the trend. I attempted to use the hack on my account, but it didn't seem to have any discernible effects. The majority of my friends believed I was making some strange joke. One of my friends asked, Why are they tagging Singapore on Instagram.

Social media "stars" constantly search for new ways to increase their reach as they strive to become viral. They both have DM fans. To Brazil, they travel. Some people have recently started geotagging their Instagram pictures from "Singapore, Singapore," even if they have never been to the island. They claim that doing so will help their images and videos show up on the Instagram explore tab, where a larger audience can view them.

1. Create user-generated material and post it to your Stories.

User-generated content is material that your fans have posted about your company. In addition to encouraging more user-generated content (UGC), posting it increases your chance of being tagged in other users' Instagram Stories, which will broaden your online presence—keeping your attention exclusively on consistently posting material to Instagram if you want to maximize its potential. Instead, it's crucial that you also concentrate on developing long-lasting relationships and producing high-quality material while interacting with Instagram users both on and off of your posts.

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There will always be updates to the Instagram algorithm. You'll discover fresh ways to connect with your target audience if marketers are willing to change along with them.

2. Receipt Reels

Instagram Reels are quick, amusing videos that you may share for your company on Instagram. To amuse visitors and increase your Instagram following, you may create 15-second clips with audio, effects, and various creative tools. Reels can be shared on your feed and shown on the Explore tab to reach a larger audience.

3. When your audience is most active, post

Use timeliness to your advantage since it continues to affect where your information appears in your followers' feeds. It doesn't hurt to see a spike in engagement right after the post goes live because it will indicate to Instagram that more of your followers want to see it.

Try to increase your content during your busiest posting periods to make the most of each post.

It could take some trial and error to determine your peak posting periods. Still, your Instagram Analytics report, accessible to all Instagram Business profiles in the mobile app, is an excellent place to start.

4. When to Post on Instagram, Depending on the Industry

The comprehensive information about the best post scheduling is a fantastic place to start when building an active Instagram following. According to data by Sprout Social, the optimal times to post on Instagram are listed below for businesses in the technology, restaurant, education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors.

5. To find active users, use hashtags

Instagram hashtags can broaden your audience by making you more visible in pertinent searches.

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However, for this strategy to be successful, you must pick the hashtags that your target audience uses to find content and other users.

Hashtags for communities are trendy. Although these niche hashtags may not have as many posts as the more widely used ones, groups on Instagram are already using them to search for and connect with other users who share their interest in the same topic, movement, or community.

6. Boost interest in your Stories

Instagram Stories are popular because the algorithm that determines which posts appear in your feed isn't applied to them. They're also a great way to communicate with and win over your followers, increasing the reach and engagement of your static Instagram posts.

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