Instagram is one of the biggest and yet the most influential social media platform over the internet. It has more than one billion users who post and tag people daily.

Since it is so huge, bugs and errors are common. Although, Instagram does its best to fix them in no time. One of the most common errors I am facing right now is Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram?

There can be many reasons for this. But one must make sure that the Why Can’t I Tag Someone on the Instagram question is hasn’t arisen because of any bug.

The people who are trying to tag other people are doing some things wrong. Here are the top five reasons Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram
Why Can't I Tag Someone on Instagram? And the fixes 3

There are tagging limits.

Many people might not know about this, but on Instagram, there are tagging limits. One cannot tag a person or tag people, in general, more than a specific number of times.

This feature has been implemented by Instagram to block spammy bots and Instagram accounts that keep on tagging people to increase followers.

After a specific number of times, if one keeps on tagging people, Instagram will shadowban one’s account.

One can tag a person who is not given access to tagging.

Many times, people are too tired of constant tagging and decide to turn the tagging feature off. Another level of anti-spam behavior security Instagram has provided to people is turning the tagging off.

If one wants no one or just the followers to tag one, one can use this feature and turn off the tagging accordingly. This feature was actually made for celebrities and business accounts who have millions of followers and can’t afford to get tagged again and again by random people.

The person who one is trying to tag has blocked one.

Another reason why one isn’t able to tag another person is that that person has might block one. If one is blocked by the other person, there is nothing one can do about it.

Therefore just reflect back remember why that person has blocked one: is it because one has been tagging them too much? If yes, then stop spamming!

The account one is trying to tag has been deleted.

Another reason why one is having problems in tagging someone is that that person might have deleted the account.

If such is the case until another person has taken that same username, one will face errors in tagging it. Although, if another person takes that same username, then there is no point in tagging it anyways.

The username must be wrong.

The most reason why people are not able to tag people or tag wrings people is because of the incorrect username. One has to tag a person by the username as usernames are unique to each other.

But since the usernames are alphanumeric and contain symbols, it can get hard to tag the right person or even remember the username.

Therefore before tagging a username, ensure that the username belongs to the account that one wants to tag.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram
Why Can't I Tag Someone on Instagram? And the fixes 4

The fixes

  • The most crucial fix for the problem of “Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram?” is to stop spamming. If one is exceeding the tagging limits, it’s time to stop spamming and use them wisely.
  • Before one tags anyone, ensure that the account ID and the person behind that account are the same people one wants to tag.
  • Don’t forget to use the @ symbol for Instagram to know that one is tagging by username.
  • Sometimes the internet might be bad, therefore try to connect the internet again to one’s device.
  • Don’t bother if one has been blocked or the person has deleted the account.
  • If one has bought followers and can’t tag them, one must contact the service provider.