Why can’t I see my followers on Instagram? See below.


Instagram is a social platform where users can share their videos, photos, reels, stories. According to statistical data, there are more than 1 Million active daily users on Instagram. There is a following and followers option on the profile page, where you will receive posts and videos from the individuals or pages you’re following. Most people have a problem with “Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?” while surfing Instagram.

Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram
Why can't I see my followers on Instagram? 14

If you’re unable to see your Instagram followers list, it is neither your Internet fault nor Instagram is down. There are some issues which might be from your side. In this article, we will be discussing “Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?” to get a crystal clear view of the working of Instagram.

So Let’s Start!

What are Instagram Followers? How do they work?

Followers are those users in Instagram who follow you; these users can access your posts and videos even if your account is private. As soon as you upload a story, video, or photo, that will be recommended in your Instagram follower feed. And the working method of followers is simple. They can directly follow you if you have a public account or request you if you have a private account on Instagram.

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Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?

There are a lot of reasons for which your Instagram followers page isn’t loading. And most probably, the problem is from your side. The reasons for which Instagram followers aren’t showing are discussed below-

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Using Application From Third-party Sources

Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram
Why can't I see my followers on Instagram? 15

Suppose you are using a third-party application to manage your Instagram profile statistical data or manage your followers. In that case, there is a significant probability that your follower’s list will not be showing. As third-party sources provide you an application that offers you to manage your account easier, most people use that. But these apps violate the rules and policies of Instagram. Hence, you are unable to see your followers.

Unfollowing People Fastly

Another possible reason for “Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?” can be unfollowing many people at the same time. If you’re doing this, most probably, Instagram will disable your Instagram activity, and you will be unable to see your followers.

Instagram restricts you from any activity because the Instagram algorithm interprets that you’re using any third-party app or bot program to unfollow people. That’s why Instagram disables your activity feature.

Bugs Or Other Unknown Issue

In recent times, Instagram is facing a lot of bugs and glitches. With every update, new bugs and glitches are introduced to the app. Users face a lot of problems while accessing the application.

With the list of bugs, some users are unable to view their followers, and whenever they click on their follower’s list, a message pops up showing “Something went wrong.” To solve this issue, you need to log out and log in to your Instagram account. If that doesn’t work, you can re-install the Instagram app or report that bug to the Instagram help center.


If you’re still facing issues with your Instagram account, you can switch up to another device or platform to resolve that issue. Most of the Instagram problems originate with your device, and you can switch to another platform that works as a quick solution.

These are the most effective methods for enabling the follower’s option in your Instagram profile. However, if there is some bug or glitches from the Instagram side, you can’t solve that. You can report those to the Instagram help center and have to wait for their response. Also, you can improve the number of followers and impressions on your Instagram account to boost your profile reach.


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