Who Owns Instagram
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There are so many questions surrounding Instagram ownership. Instagram is the world's most popular mobile, desktop, and internet-based photo-sharing application. The app lets the users share videos or pictures either privately or publicly. This social media app started as a simple photo-sharing platform, but it now boasts several features that enable the user to achieve more.

This article is for you if you have been wondering who owns the successful visual platform, read on:

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A little bit about Instagram

Instagram was launched as BURBN by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in November 2010. The app became more popular in 2011 due to its significant innovations. By March 2011, the platform had about 5 million active users.

Instagram was created as a free application for iOS in May 2010. Mike was a software developer at Microsoft, and majorly did the app’s updated for about three years after it was launched.  Kevin was working in marketing and took it upon himself to learn about coding; he then created a prototype app that he named Burbn, the app lets users check-in where they were on their mobile web.  Kevin then decided to look for a partner to give ideas on how to better the app, and it was then that he met Mike. The two focused on making Burbn, now Instagram, a visual social media platform, they had to get rid of the app's features apart from the photo uploading option. According to the two, Instagram took just two months to be built, but they had put over a year's work into it.

By the beginning of 2011, Instagram's growth in users attracted investors. It did not take long before the platform raised close to 8 million dollars. It is during this period that it got attention from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In March 2012, Instagram had more than 27 million users and was made available for android users. Amazingly, more than a million users downloaded the app the same day it was launched.

Facebook owns Instagram

There is no doubt that Facebook had been losing several of its users to more visual social media platforms such as Instagram. The move to buy Instagram came at a time that more young people yearn for visual media than anything else.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1billion in cash and stock. The two co-founders agreed with mike Zuckerberg (Facebook Cop- founder) that he was going to develop Instagram as a different platform and not at any one time co- join in with Facebook.

Instagram after Facebook Ownership

There were some changes on Instagram after Facebook acquired ownership. Here are some of them:

  • Facebook changed the app’s terms of use in December 2012; this allowed users to sell their photos to the third party brands without permission and  payment
  • Facebook introduced sponsored posts in November 2013, and the company then introduced more analytic tools for advertisers.
  • Direct, a messaging platform was launched in December 2013. This was a platform for instant messaging through  Instagram
  • Facebook added some new filters to Instagram and photo settings in 2014
  • It was now possible to tag friends in  Instagram photos
  • Facebook introduced Instagram stories featured in 2016
  • In 2017, Facebook introduced a slideshow option for photos on Instagram. This allowed users to post more than one photo per post.
  • Mute users option was launched in 2021; this setting allowed users to follow people without having to see their posts on their feed,
  • Facebook finally launched Instagram TV. This will enable users to create videos as long as they wish and have their followers like and comment from their Instagram profile.
  • Other changes that can be seen on Instagram include:
  • Partner apps have been introduced partner apps to the platform.
  • Users can view Instagram on their web browser; we are positive that it will be possible to post from this URL soon.
  • Instagram is now linked to Twitter and Facebook; this enabled users to tweet or post photos straight from the Instagram app.

Amazingly Facebook let Instagram grow despite that it was becoming Facebook’s biggest rival.  Facebook has worked exceedingly to make it easy for influencers to thrive and make money on the platform. There is also an increased partnership between brands and users.  It is easy to notice that Instagram boasts a lot of ads from users than in the past. Most Instagram Influencers are being reached out by brands to promote their products.  We can only expect more from Instagram in the coming years.

The platform has also challenged users to give photography a shot. It is now possible for anyone to take a photo using their smartphone which according to the founder and co-founder are perfect.

In September 2021, the Instagram co-founders Kevin and Mike left the company. The two left because they felt that Facebook was doing so much to merge the two apps, which was not in agreement from the start. Facebook had agreed to run  Instagram as a separate app. Even though it is not over for the two co-founders, they have promised the world that they are looking forward to building a different platform.


Instagram remains one of the most used social platforms on the globe. Facebook never runs out of new ideas on how to better the platform. Whatever it is that they come up with, the users can only remain hopeful that it will make the platform more useful.

Instagram has more than 1 billion users. It has gained popularity due to its ability to let users take simple photos and transform them into amazing photos through its filter settings. The platform does not also contain so many annoying ads. Additionally, the platform lets its users create a profile and make money by being Instagram influencers. The app is simple to use, and anyone can get started.

There is so much we can write about Instagram, to crown it all, the platform remains outstanding, and we can’t wait to see what it transforms into in the future!

 As for the Instagram Co-founders, the world is waiting to see what else they come up with!