What to do when Instagram temporarily blocks liking? Read below.

If you have received a notification from Instagram that your account has been blocked from liking due to misuse, here is the answer for what to do when Instagram temporarily blocks liking? And why did it happen?

What to Do When Instagram Temporarily Blocked Liking

We will give you the solution for what to do when Instagram temporarily blocks liking, along with reasons why Instagram has blocked liking on your account to help you avoid the situation in the future.

Solution for what to do when Instagram temporarily blocks liking

Instagram has become one of the best social media platforms that are ever-growing and to keep up with its reputation and quality. One of the most important factors that they need to pay attention to in nature is security.

One of the reasons that Instagram is used by so many people excluding their other features is the security and safety that they provide.

Therefore, with the growing popularity of the platform, the risk of online threats also increases which is why Instagram always makes efforts to constantly update their security and app to get rid of any risk factors.

One of the major challenges that are currently troubling Instagram and Instagrammers is that of fake accounts and bots.

With the growing competition on insta, many Instagram profiles of various businesses resort to the use of buying bots and fake accounts which is not in line with the Instagram guidelines and therefore puts these accounts at the risk of being blocked.

Buying followers is not illegal but using bots and fake inactive accounts is risky. Therefore, if you are looking to buy followers choose a reliable and safe service provider.

If you have got a notification that your Instagram account has been temporarily blocked, you do not need to panic. As the notification says the ban is only temporary and is therefore easy to deal with.

This ban takes place when Instagram notices certain activities or actions from your account that are suspicious. When this happens your display screen shows ‘Action Blocked’.

Given below are the solutions for what to do when Instagram temporarily blocks liking?

Temporarily blocked liking or other actions are pretty common on the Instagram platform as many people are always trying to outsmart and abuse the Instagram system.

The biggest downside to this security measure is that Instagram does not tell you why it has blocked you. This makes it difficult to understand the problem and how to avoid it in the future if you had done it unintentionally or ignorantly.

There is more than one way through which you can remove this temporary ban. But not all of them may work for you as each solution is in correspondence with a particular action.

Particular actions are as follows

  1. You can try removing the block by simply changing your device and the IP address. Many times Instagram doesn’t block the account but the IP address of the user. You will have to stop using your WIFI and switch to another network or personal data.
  2. Instagram could have blocked you because it thought you were a bot so you can try to link your Instagram with another app like Facebook to prove that your account is genuine and not fake. You can do this in the settings option on the app.
  3. If there is any third-party app that has access to your Instagram account, you can try uninstalling them. Because, many third-party apps are automatically blocked by Instagram, as they provide a loophole to abuse the system.
  4. You can also try changing your password, that can be the simplest solution.
  5. If you feel like you have done nothing out of ordinary or against the Instagram policies, you can send a report to Instagram regarding your problems.
What to Do When Instagram Temporarily Blocked Liking
  1. If none of the above solutions work for you, delete all your Instagram data. Uninstalling it, and again installing it is something that you can try.

To avoid being blocked by insta in the future:

Don’t try buying fake accounts or bots, don’t spam any feature. Try to stay regular and active on your account.


  1. I have been blocked from liking on Instagram, what should I do?

    Under such circumstances, you can change your device and the IP address. You can even try and connect your Instagram account with Facebook so that you can prove that yours is a genuine account and not the one made by bots. Sometimes a third-party app too brings in such loopholes so removing such third-party apps which are linked to your Instagram account can also help to resolve the issue. Also, try changing the password of your Instagram account and report its issue to Instagram as well, it might help in resolving it. But somehow if none of it has worked then delete your Instagram data and uninstall the app and reinstall it back again.

  2. Can I permanently get banned from liking the posts?

    If you have liked multiple posts in a short time, have switched between too many phones, or even might have switched between flagged IP addresses then under such circumstances there are chances of being permanently blocked from liking any post on Instagram.

  3. For how long does a like ban on Instagram last?

    The duration of the ban depends on your action. Usually, it is for a few hours or may last from 24 to 48 hours as well.

  4. How can I stop myself from being banned from liking on Instagram?

    Abiding by the community rules on Instagram shall save you from being banned from liking various posts. Try to keep yourself away from buying fake accounts and bots. Also, try not to spam but stay regular and active on it.

  5. How many times does Instagram warn before deleting the account?

    There are no specific number of warnings but indeed each time you violate any rule, Instagram sends you a warning. The deletion of your account is based on your activity so it can be within two warnings or it can also be after a few warnings. If multiple people have reported against your profile, it shall also lead to the deletion of your account too.