Being one of the most used and popular social media apps, it is inevitable that Instagram may experience some bugs or glitches in its system. Many times the bugs cost Instagram account users to lose their data like photos, videos, or other posts. If you also want to know What to Do When Instagram Deleted My Photo, we have the solution written down for you.

What to Do When Instagram Deleted My Photo
What to Do When Instagram Deleted My Photo? 4

Instagram is an app used exclusively and extensively for posting, sharing, and watching videos and photos.

It is a boon for marketing and promotion for brands and personalities of all areas; be it big brands or small home brands.

Therefore, keeping an eye on so many accounts becomes impossible manually. Instagram has an automated system that automatically deletes any offensive content, going against their rules and regulations or policies.

Get Your Instagram Deleted Photos

Sometimes these systems glitch and delete normal and unproblematic content by mistake and it may happen to any user. The worst thing is that Instagram never gives any explanation or clarification as to why they deleted that specific content.

Due to this the users are left skeptical and in doubt as to why their content was deleted. Wondering what might have gone wrong?

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Many people have photos and moments on their accounts that they share with their followers. Having a huge amount of followers can be fun and beneficial.

But sometimes, due to various reasons, these posts are deleted or taken down from Instagram. Most of the time, this happens because the photo or post doesn't correspond with the rules and policies of Instagram, making Instagram delete them automatically.

The next thought that naturally occurs is what to do when Instagram deleted my photo?

For users whose photos or posts are deleted without any reason or by mistake, Instagram also has a feature that allows you to recover those images in a given period.

Let us first take a look at the reasons why Instagram may delete your photos:

What to Do When Instagram Deleted My Photo
What to Do When Instagram Deleted My Photo? 5
  1. Photos are inappropriate - Instagram has a certain criterion in its policies in which certain photos are deemed as inappropriate, like photos containing nudity. So, if your photo had anything inappropriate, that is the reason why it was deleted.
  2. Activity blocked – If you had received any notification from Instagram that your activities have been blocked temporarily or permanently, you would not be able to upload any images. Even if you manage to, they will be deleted. If the ban is temporary, you have to wait for a certain period before uploading images.
  3. Problem with server – Sometimes due to server problems the uploaded image may not appear. In this case you will have to wait and then try uploading the image again.
  4. Image is reported – Instagram may delete your image if it has been reported by other users especially if there are multiple reports.
  5. Hacking – Your account may also be targeted by a hacker who can access your account and delete your posts and images.

Now we will tell you what to do when Instagram deleted my photo?

If you are sure that your image had nothing inappropriate against the Instagram policies, you can try these things to recover your photos:

  1. In case there was a glitch on Instagram that caused your images to be deleted, you can wait for 24 hours to see if the images come back. Most of the time they will be back in a few hours.
  2. Use another device to log in to your Instagram account to know whether the problem is with your device or Instagram server.
  3. If there was a bug that caused your photos to be deleted, ensure that your Instagram app is updated. The majority of the time, bugs are fixed with updates.
  4. If the deleted image was saved somewhere else, you re-upload it.  Often many times after the first photo is deleted, the re-uploaded image stays.
  5. If none of the above works for you, you can report to Instagram and explain your issue to the support team, go according to their response.

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