The term "mother-slave" refers to a service that uses several "child" accounts to increase the popularity of a single "mother" account (child accounts). Here, we'll break down the specifics of this approach and reveal whether it yields tangible results. So, let's not waste more time and get down to business.

Instagram's "Mother Child" method is one of the best and least-known ways to get thousands of new monthly followers. People also call the Mother Child method the Mother Slave method. Through the growth promotion, 100s of enslaved person/child accounts are used to boost the main account. In 2018, the method started to gain underground popularity, leading to crazy growth on many accounts.

What Is the mother-Child Growth Service Method On Instagram, And Why Do People Use It? 

As was said above, the mother-child Growth method on Instagram is the idea of using many Instagram accounts that support each other (called "child accounts") to promote one targeted Instagram page, which is called the "mother account."

The mother-child Instagram growth service aims to protect the mother’s account from the Instagram algorithm, which is constantly changing.

As you may know, Instagram has paid more attention to how its users feel about the platform in recent years. As a result, the quality of engagement has improved. That is, using Instagram bots or buying Likes is no longer a safe way to get more followers on Instagram.

On the other hand, things like posting to Instagram at the best times or using the best hashtags aren't enough to guarantee more engagement on Instagram by themselves. Some users came up with the mother-child Instagram growth service to increase engagement safely. Of course, it's one of many ways to do things. In this way, the mother account doesn't participate in any advertising. It just sits back and waits for the likes and followers that the child accounts bring.

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Say you are a model, and you want to get more people to follow you on Instagram. This account is a place where people can find you and your business. Since Instagram has tightened its rules about what you can do every day and might ban you if you break them, you don't want to take a chance and do all your marketing in this principal (mother) account.

If you want to use the mother-child Instagram growth method, you should set up a few other accounts (it could be one or 100, it's up to you) and start promoting your main page from there.

For example, you can make several fan pages, giving modeling tips and posting the latest fashion news on another.

All these pages (called "child accounts") can feature your main page and send people to it. So, Instagram users know for sure that the mother account is safe. One of the most common ways to use this method is to make fan pages for famous people.

So, how many child accounts do you need to grow the mother account effectively? The answer is that the more, the better.

How Many Followers Can I get With the Mother Child Method?

How many people follow you because of this method depends on several things. But it's not unusual for someone to get hundreds or even thousands of new followers daily. Check out this service to better understand how things usually turn out. The main things that affect how well the Mother Child method works are the number of optimized child accounts and how well the mother account is optimized.

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Number of Child Accounts

Most of the time, the results of a promotion will be better if more child accounts are used. Each child account can only send a certain number of messages per day. If you have more accounts, more people will see your message. For this method to work, each child account needs to be set up to make it appealing to a possible follower. Many Mother-Child Instagram growth methods make the rookie mistake of using child accounts that aren't well optimized and don't bring in followers for the mother account.

We recommend using 50 to 200 or more child accounts for a campaign to work well. As you add more child accounts, the operation gets more complicated and expensive, and you may reach a point where the benefits of adding more accounts start to decrease. How many accounts you need depends on what you want to get out of the campaign.

The Optimization of the Mother Account

People won't follow if the primary account isn't set up well. This part of the process is essential, but many mother-Child Instagram Growth service providers don't pay enough attention. Cleaning up the feed, bio, and profile picture makes it more appealing to people who might want to follow it. No matter how many child accounts you use, the results will not be the best if the content is not attractive.

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Can the Mother-Child method get your Instagram account deleted?

One of the most common questions is whether Instagram will delete your account if you use this method. Because the mother account doesn't have to do anything against Instagram's rules, this method can't get your account deleted. The password for the mother account does not need to be put into any software that could be dangerous. Personal information doesn't have to be shared because the method relies on other accounts to do the work.

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Only if you do something against the rules while the campaign is going on can your account be deleted. It won't be because of the campaign, but because you broke the rules. To cut a long story short, the method is safe.

Many famous people find themselves in the same situation on Instagram. Fans have made thousands of fan pages for their favorite stars. Many of these pages link back to the main page for that celebrity. People always talk about celebrities in direct messages, but no one has ever been deleted from Instagram because of this.

The Mother Child/Slave method is excellent for growing your Instagram account. As Instagram has become more popular, it has become much harder to grow naturally. With this method, your brand can get a considerable boost. You can set up the method yourself, but it is challenging and takes time. For the best results, we recommend hiring a professional service provider. As Instagram's algorithm gets more complicated, it will only get more complex. Those who can do it will continue to get the most explosive results on the platform.

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