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What is the difference between micro influencers and mega influencers? 3

This is one of the most asked questions today, when it comes to talking about influencer marketing. Who’s a micro-influencer? What do you understand by the term mega-influencer?   What makes them different yet important for brands and companies today? Is it worth investing in one and abandon the other? How can they help in social media strategy? This post covers all that’s related to micro influencers and mega influencers.

Prelude – before you delve deeper into the concept of micro influencers and mega influencers

By using the voice of well-connected people in their niche, brands can reach a relevant and already engaged target audience to increase sales. This specific strategy of advertising is referred to as Influencer marketing.

A 2016 survey shows that about 75% of consumers are more likely to buy something based on a social media referral. So, it’s easy to comprehend why influencer marketing is so up and growing every day.

For buyers, influencer marketing acts as a digital form of word-of-mouth marketing. This remains one of the most successful ways to increase exposure for any company. Moreover, it’s also a win-win idea for brands. Did you know, companies generating an average of $6.5 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing?

And while it may seem tempting to dive deep into this type of marketing and put all your money into the most well-known influencer in your industry, that’s not always the best strategy. Before you proceed with the same, it’s imperative to understand the difference between micro influencers and mega influencers so that you pick up the one that suits your business requirements the best. Naturally, this will help you in making the most out of your investment.

What is a micro influencer – Knowing this will help you to understand the difference between micro influencers and mega influencers

These are typical consumers who are active on social media but don’t necessarily have many followers. These people post about products because they love them, not because they get paid for them. Micro influencers can be anyone, but what mainly defines them is that they are social media users with less than 50,000 followers.

The more followers a social media user has, the less engagement they receive. Those with more than 10 million followers usually receive a relatively small rate of comments compared to micro-influencers with less than a thousand followers. In other words, the content created by micro-influencers is more in line with the old idea of word-of-mouth marketing.

What is a mega influencer?

These are the leading voices in their industry. Unlike micro-influencers, mega-influencers have a huge following, usually over 10,000, and their lifestyle usually revolves around their online presence or the fact that the person is famous in some way.

Mega-influencers are paid to post content so that brands can access their well-aligned and already engaged audiences. This is an example of a paid promotion that has been going on in the influencer marketing world forever.

Difference between micro influencer and macro influencer

But how can you leverage micro influencers and mega influencers to promote your brand?

The main benefit of using micro influencers to promote your brand is their relatively affordable cost. According to a recent report, micro-influencers with 2,000 – 50,000 followers charge between $137 and $258 per post on Instagram. When the number of followers reaches 100,000, the prices start to increase. Sometimes, it reaches $1,000 or more for a single post.

Micro-influencers are typical consumers, just like the people you want to reach. However, they are more popular and therefore, they are able to build a more solid relationship with your potential customers. However, there’s a downside as well – a smaller number of followers means, you may not reach as many people as you could with a mega-influencer.

Marketing with mega-influencers, on the other hand, has self-explanatory benefits. With them, you’ll have access to a large, highly engaged, and relevant audience. The disadvantages come in the way of increased costs. Employing the help of a celebrity or someone with a massive social following is not cheap, and most brands don’t have the budget for that.

The difference at at a glance

 Micro Influencers Mega Influencers
Who are they?Well-connected with their audience, these influencers gather a reach, that’s quite interested in their content. They always seek to monetize their work.Profiles used for large-scale dissemination. But, at the same time, they pass information to a huge amount of people; the engagement tends to be lower and the hiring values higher. Therefore, you should choose them carefully.
When to use them?They are meant for brands that seek more engagement with their target audience.  Recent A research pointed out that this type of content creators has a 22.2 times higher conversion rate compared to mega influencers.When your brand is going to launch new products or services that many people need to know about. They are also great for publicizing big events, promotions, and products that are easy to find out.
ExampleSamanta Luz  of  Wickbold’s ‘Do Seu Forno’ campaign. As a cook and a vegan, the influencer reaches two major audiences for the brand.Aciele Alcolea, who produces several contents focused on maternity, and engages in the campaign named ‘campaign of the Adoleta line.’

And now, which is the one to choose?

The choice between these two approaches depends solely on your brand and the audience you want to reach. While having a mega-influencer may seem like a tempting option, micro-influencers often wield more power over a more engaged and focused audience.

Marketers spent large amounts of money on influencer marketing in 2017 and to date, the trend is in. With marketers poised to spend more than ever in this area these days, it’s time to catch up.

But whatever option you choose, focus on your goal first, and know exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. If you have enough focus on that, your influencer marketing campaign will be well on its way.

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