Instagram is the new and emerging social media platform. Although it is not that new or something. But fairly in comparison to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, it is very new. Although being the new player in the market social media. Instagram has made its mark. Today Instagram has over a billion active users. And countless accounts. It is truly the new era of social media and Instagram would be the undisputed king of it. Not just that. But also a new and cool way of typing has been introduced by Instagram so to say. These are popularly known as slang or the language of the internet. Every new user has asked about What is TBH meaning on Instagram? For sure somewhere or the other you must have heard about slang like LOL, TBH, LMAO, ROFL, etc. This list never stops.

What is TBH meaning on Instagram?

What is TBH meaning on Instagram

At times you must have thought about what do they mean. And why are people using it? Well, this is the new generation. This is a generation that wants to not waste any time and also add a cool touch to it. Slangs or these abbreviations are the product of it. No one now writes a whole sentence. Just use this slang and get over it. Although it can sometimes become confusing as for that matter. For ex- not many people know what TBH means and they ask about “ What is TBH meaning on Instagram?” If you are on such social media network. Then it kind of becomes important to know about such abbreviations so to say. It is hard to gel with the new generation if you are not well-versed with such slang.

What does popular slang mean?

Now let us come to the main question. Let us see what these slangs like Tbh actually mean. Well, it is not that hard to remember or learn as for that matter. LOL, and TBH gotta be two of the most famous slangs. And well I think it got to be TBH which gets used most of the time. The full form or the meaning of TBH is “ To be honest.” Yes, just these 3 words. They sound simple but used as slang can leave a mark for themselves. People used it as something to flatter someone with. Like people would comment on your post saying “ TBH you look great.” Such comments always make our day.

What is TBH meaning on Instagram

Also, it can be used as something to neutralize a situation calmly. TBH or to be honest can have a lot of different ways to be used. It is up to you how to use such tiny yet powerful slang. Also as a bonus, the term LOL means laugh out loud. Now you know how to deal with someone who uses slang like TBH or LOL in comments or in a chat.

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Since the beginning of social media, the number game has always been a point of concern. Like how many friends you have on Facebook, how many tweets you have on Twitter, or how many subscribers you have on YouTube. It is all about the numbers. And in the case of Instagram. It is about how many followers do you have? Someone who is on Insta knows how tough it is to increase followers.

Either you would get lucky and go viral with a few posts. Or you have to post consistently to get those numbers. It requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. Which most of the people lack. But to be honest it is absolutely important to have a high number of followers to grow on Instagram. There are numerous ways of doing it. Choose the best one for you.